Your batlike ears flopped forward and you sighed down at the pavement, frail form sitting upon the ledge of a cobblestone fence. The day marked your thirteenth year, a milestone meaning your form had grown as much as nature ever intended it to, but you still hadn't attracted a human mate. Your elders admonished you, the last pureborn of their species turning out to have such an underdeveloped, undesirable frame. They told you the human women would never want you, that they'd only see you as a 'scrawny little kid', an impotent mate.

You explained your distress to the elder succubus beside you when she asked, and she laughed at you, expectedly.

"I'd love to cross you over." Purred her deep voice once she'd trailed off from her laughter, and she twirled a finger through your long brown hair.

"What?" Your soft voice questioned as you squinted, not comprehending.

"I figure the human men would put an effeminate little thing like you to good use." She gave you a fanged grin as your eyes widened, face paling. "Incubi can accommodate them, you know, you all just loathe to admit it."

"W-what-" You stuttered, "How?"

She hummed, "I'm going to show you, you'll come with me, won't you?"

You found yourself unsure at her suggestion. It wasn't above you like the other incubi thought of it, considering it was the succubi who usually lured the human men, and you had plenty of respect toward them, easily more than toward yourself. The issue standing was the elders of your kind, you knew you wouldn't find their approval through those means, so what purpose would there be? What other purpose could you find for yourself, though, what other use... you thought to listen to the succubus elder.

When you hesitated she bared her teeth in another smile, and trailed her finger behind your ear. You shuddered as her pointed nail trailed down your neck, your torso, until she grasped your hand. Your lips pressed into a thin line and you nodded once, getting up to join her. She laughed, airy and deep, and gave condescending praise.

She walked your shorter frame over to her tavern, and toward the back, through an intimidating crowd of succubi. When you arrived to the back she sat you down and leaned over you, mouth to your batlike ear. "What I'm about to let you do isn't for your pleasure, if I find that you're taking any from it, I'll rip this big ear right out from your little skull." Grin sadistic, she tugged your ear and you hissed at the sensation. "Promise to behave? Say, 'Yes Ma'am'." She spoke those words in a mimic of the usual accent of the humans found above their place in the underworld. "Yes ma'am." You repeated shakily, unable to do their accent.

Her grin stretched, and she took back your hand, grip bruising at first but then settling down. "Memorize every detail, and focus on nothing but transforming that part of your own body to it's likeness." She told you, and your eyes went round when she slid your hand into her underwear. You did as you were told, not daring to move your own hand any more than she moved it, and focusing on your task. You blinked as you felt a series of shifts inside of your lower torso and groin, and quickly looked up to meet her eyes when the feeling stopped. She let your wrist go and you flinched, hastily pulling back your hand.

"Did it burn you?" She tittered. "Seems as if the men might be more suitable to you too."

You had only panicked because you didn't want her to assume you were taking perverted interest in the act by lingering. You didn't find any impulse of that sort to suppress during it, though, so perhaps... you shrugged. Her laughter peaked at that.

She brought you into the dressing rooms and tutted, "It's a shame, you're too much smaller than any succubi to use our lingerie. No fun at all." She pouted, but settled on a sheer silk camisole. "Take this, it'll be loose on you but you'll be fine. Just scram before any incubi see you, and when you need return to the underworld, come straight to my tavern." She handed the clothing to you, her fanged smile filling your vision for the last time before you redressed and left. You thanked her before you did, though you were unsure whether or not you should.

You found you looked the same as before, and felt no different. The only noticeable differences were in your scent, and the area between your legs. You didn't look anything like the succubi, their bodies were still much more interesting to look at than your own. Their limbs weren't gangly or twig-like, their ears weren't too big for their heads, their skin wasn't so pale. Their chests looked dramatically different, as well. You didn't see how you could be any better with such small changes, or function at all with them, since you so visibly weren't a succubus. This was as close to a chance as you had, though, so you decided to push your thoughts back and just try.

You emerged in the night of the outside world clothed in only the sheer camisole she gave you, and wandered until you were swayed toward a clearing of the woods. You stayed back by the trees and observed, the area was lit up, and there were several humans within a campsite. You watched them, infatuated, as they were some of the first humans you had ever seen for yourself.

You felt a towering presence descend upon you and flinched, shrinking back against the nearest tree. Your tail curled around it for defense and you trembled as you looked up at the man standing before you. "-down. Not going to hurt you. Are you... okay? What are you?" You readjusted your ears to hear the human, and checked his mannerisms. His nostrils were flared, so he was taking in your scent. His fists were clenched, but when you looked at them they loosened up. His expression seemed... concerned, maybe afraid, not hostile. The scent of the forest was saturated on him, blending in with his natural musk. You wanted to get closer to his scent, and your eyes fixed on the hair on his jaw and neck, urged to inhale the aroma from it.

The expression on the human's face deepened as his brow furrowed, and he begun removing his jacket. His movements were careful as he beckoned you forward, and wrapped the jacket around your shoulders as your tail uncurled from the tree. You grasped the hem of the big jacket, pulled it to your face, and inhaled the man's scent from it, a small sound of pleasure emitting from your throat. "You like it?" The human asked, and you nodded, looking up into his eyes, which widened and blinked.

"Huh." He smiled. "You can understand me. Can you speak?" The human's voice was almost soft, it had much more depth to it than your own, but it was gentle. After a pause, he kept talking. "Now that you're covered up, I'm going to take you somewhere safe, okay?" He lifted you into his arms when you nodded. Lust swelled inside of you as you were pressed to his warm body, his hands upon you and his scent all around you while he carried you. You noticed that despite his warmth, the human was shaking slightly. Then, you heard him curse under his breath, and noticed the sweat that emerged on his face.

The human's body had gone from warm to hot through the short walk. He carried you inside of a small cabin and hesitated for a moment before he set you to your feet. When he did, he didn't step back, still close enough for you to feel his heat radiating off of him and warming your cold demonic form. His breath came out rough and ragged, and suddenly you were seized by the human, suppressing a flinch as he pressed his mouth to yours. You melted into the sensation as the human immediately deepened the kiss, the wet warmth of his mouth overwhelming you. You moaned into his mouth and his broad arms tightened around you, encompassing you in his heat.

You craved for this human to mate with you in a way you had never expected to. You wanted him on top of you, inside of you, fucking his offspring into you. You shuddered as the man's large tongue pushed at yours and you swallowed his saliva as he drooled into your mouth, desperate to get anything of his essence inside of you. You were shoved against the large couch, still held in the kiss and moaned when you felt the human's erection straining hard beneath his pants, pressed against your bare cunt. You hooked your scrawny legs around his broad hips and felt him grunt into your mouth, and the fabric of his pants rubbed at your skin as he ground his erection against you.

Your breath hitched when suddenly, you felt the broad, leaking head of his cock press against your entrance and his pre-come drip thickly onto you. The human held you still, keeping your mouth full of his tongue as his widely girthed cock filled your cunt. You moaned in a complete haze of euphoria, filled with more warmth than you had ever felt.

You were still wrapped in the large human's comfortable jacket, and you put your arms as far into the sleeves as they could reach so you could hold him. The heated human was hunched over you, gripping you tightly, and a layer of dried sweat covered his skin. He had only undressed enough to free his straining member before hilting it in your tiny cunt.

After the human broke the kiss you nuzzled against his soft facial hair, inhaling deeply. Your ear twitched happily as you listened to the man grunt and moan while he fucked you. You felt trickles of warm liquid inside of you as your cervix milked your mate's pre-come into your womb with every deep thrust that hit it. The beginnings of his ejaculate permeating inside of your womb made your black heart flutter, and pleasure rolled through your small body as you were pounded.

Your mouth pressed beneath his jaw and you unconsciously bit down on the supple area, a deep moan resounding from the being on top of you as your rows of pointed teeth gently punctured skin. His hips lurched forward, pressing his balls flush against you, and you felt the entirety of his thick manhood throbbing inside of you.

The mating bite darkened as the human shoved deep into your small body and he groaned above you, gripping you tightly as a hot rush of cum shot out of his pulsing cock. You moaned weakly, ecstasy muffling your throat as the man's semen was pumped thickly into you, and your eyes rolled back into your head as it was slowly pulled into your womb. Both of your ears twitched as the various sounds of your mate's satisfaction filled the air, and your demonic heart warmed, beating in a rhythm of gratification. You closed your eyes and hugged onto your mate.

Once your body fell into rhythm with the massive cock inside of it, it begun pumping the hot load of sperm directly into your womb, which stretched to make room as it was filled beyond it's size. You felt the beginnings of his offspring's gestation as the thick substance continued to be pumped into you, and happiness tingled in your chest.

The human collapsed atop you on the couch, breathing roughly, and you purred from somewhere deep in your throat, comfortable and warm under the weight of your mate. When his cock slipped from you, hardly any semen leaked out behind it, all of it staying inside of your small body's womb as the cambion entered gestation.

You kissed the mating bite gently as it shone with light, and the human claimed your mouth once again, moaning into it as his body pressed you further into the couch cushion. His large tongue moved languidly in your mouth, until he passed out on top of you, his own energy drained by yours. He lay unconscious atop you for several hours, during which you stayed comfortably beneath, your body tingling as his offspring grew inside of you. As the human slept, you sent your words and your promise to serve his will into his mind, hoping the human would keep you for further use.

You felt something wet on your chest, and carefully pulled yourself back, letting your mate's head rest on your stomach. You slid your arms out of the jacket sleeves and took off the camisole, before quickly getting your cold arms back into the jacket. You saw the cause, a trickle of lactation coming out of your left nipple. You hadn't thought it possible for your body, as your chest stayed flat and male, but the realization that you would be able to feed the human's progeny sent another pulse of warmth through you.

You closed your eyes and pet the human's head which lay against your stomach, right above where his infant grew in your womb; if he were awake he would have been able to hear his offspring growing inside of you. You felt the soft texture of his hair as you pet him, and the scruff of his jaw where it pressed against your skin. After a few more hours passed, you felt the human remove himself from you, and kept your eyes closed.

Several more minutes passed before you were scooped up into his broad arms, the human holding your thin form in a protective embrace. He kissed your forehead, and when his neck filled your vision you noticed the mating bite had fully healed into a mark, meaning he had taken you as his mate. Your tail curled around his arm and you pressed your face to his neck happily, but flinched back slightly as you felt something close around your own neck. Your mate read your confusion, and called it a collar, "Another thing to make you mine."

The leather collar was thick and heavy around your neck, the only thing left on you after the human removed his jacket. Your legs were folded inward as you kneeled loosely on the white tiled floor, and your long hair was slightly damp.

Your body still tingled, centered more in your abdomen, and keeping you constantly reminded of the life inside of you. You watched the water run in rivulets down the body of your mate, your owner, round eyes gazing up at him lustfully. He was gigantic to you, his body so broad and masculine. He was everything you could never be, but would now always belong to. Your lust grew at the thought as you stared, your fluids dripping onto the floor between your thighs.

As you waited patiently for him to finish showering, worried thoughts began to circle through your mind. You were acting only on instinct, but you knew this wasn't what your nature was intended to be, and you feared repercussions. You were behaving in a way neither incubi or succubi were intended to. You didn't understand, if humans were supposed to belong to demons, how did it feel so natural for you to belong to this human? How did your instincts lead you to submit to him, to let him fuck his sperm into you, impregnating you on his couch...

Arousal blurred your thoughts when you caught sight of your owner's thick cock bobbing as he stepped out of the shower. You watched as he dried his light brown hair with a towel and it fluffed up again. He smiled when he looked down at you, and your cold heart fluttered wildly. You crawled up onto him as he stood, wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed your nose to his hair, taking in his scent in one long inhale. He gave a soft, rumbling laugh and let your thin thighs rest in his hands.

Your breath hitched as you felt his mouth close around your nipple, and you moaned as he sucked and nibbled on it. "Mm, you making a baby in this tiny body?" He rumbled against your chest. "Y--y-yes, yours," You told him, your voice weak. He gave a harsh suck, and milk squirted out of your nipple. "Aah-" You cried, clutching his head desperately as he milked you with his mouth. He rested your upper half on the toilet lid and leaned over you, kissing you deeply. He milked your nipples with his fingers and you moaned into his mouth, rivulets of lactation dripping out of your nipples and down your skin.

He slipped his erection inside of you with a moan, his eyes closed and he knelt straight, grunting while he thrusted. You moaned continuously, laying on the toilet lid as the human used your body, his fingers milking you and erection moving inside of you. Your hand came to rest on your flat stomach and you felt his fetus take form in your womb. Your eyes rolled into the back of your head, your eyes fluttering closed in complete rapture. Then, you felt the human's thick cum flood your insides, and he moaned above you, thrusting shallowly in the throes of orgasm.

When he let you stand, you looked down at his semen dripping out from between your thighs. His hand moved onto you, petting the slight distention of your stomach that had just begun to show when his offspring took form. He leaned down to kiss you and you sighed happily as your owner's tongue entered your mouth, his hands pulling you closer to him.

He walked you out of the bathroom and down the hallway with his large hand between your thin legs, playing with your cunt. You shuddered and whimpered beneath your breath as you struggled to cooperate. When you got into his bedroom he closed the door, and your sharp teeth bared in a smile as he clothed you in his big warm jacket. His arms pulled you in again, and he kissed you for another few minutes. When he was through, he sat you on his bed, your body tingling from his attention. You watched as he made a bed for you out of several blankets and pillows in the corner of the bedroom.

He picked you up and then lay you down on the floor, and you curled up in the bed of blankets and pillows. You were disappointed they didn't smell like him, so you pressed your nose into the jacket you wore to get his scent. "Good girl," He called you, and you looked up at him from where you lay curled on your side. "Stay right here and I'll come back later, okay? If you leave, I'll catch you and tie you here." His voice was kept soft despite the threat, and you nodded. You were comforted by the affirmation that he wanted you to stay, and that he'd come back. He leaned down and pet your brown hair, scritching behind your batlike ear. You purred and began drifting off into sleep as you were pet, still holding the jacket to the lower half of your face, lulled to sleep with the scent of your mate.

It was night again when you roused from your sleep, and you were alone in the bedroom. You moaned as your senses slowly reawakened, your insides throbbing with life. You scratched the blanket beneath you for comfort.

You found you were too weak to move from your position curled up on your side. You realize your jacket had been taken off and left beside you, your leaking nipples had formed a wet spot on the blanket beneath you, and your stomach had descended over 2 inches in total. You rested your hands upon it, holding it in your thin arms. You felt another wet spot under where your leg rested on the blanket, and noticed how your cunt throbbed, and you shifted your upper body, looking to the gap between your thighs. You saw a copious amount of semen leaking out of you, and figured that your owner must have taken you again in your sleep. You laid back down and moaned contentedly.

You feel how much of his cum had dried up inside of you, how much had puddled beneath you, and wonder how many times he must have fucked you throughout your sleep. Your frail body twitched, aroused at the thought. You rolled onto your back and folded your legs open, and pressed your fingers to yourself, rubbing your clit. You stared down at your rounded belly as you touched yourself, focusing on the feeling of your owner's semen as it oozed out of you, and of his offspring slowly stretching your womb. Your head fell back as your collared neck gave up supporting it and you moaned brokenly, looking up at the ceiling as you rapidly stroked yourself, wishing you were giving birth for him right then.

The pressure died down and your scrawny body went limp. You panted shallowly, and curled up on your left side, grabbing the jacket and burying your face in it, hugging it to your upper body. You laid quietly, your tail moving lazily back and forth, and you soundlessly begged for your mate to return.

You wished you could go look for him, but he had commanded that you didn't. You thought about what he had said before that. The succubus had been right, you did look female enough to humans, even with only the small changes. You were finding yourself happy you didn't transform yourself any further. It made him being attracted to you feel so much more meaningful than it would have if you looked nothing like yourself; and getting to watch your stomach swell with his offspring, your own stomach, on your own body frame, made you feel so good. Even having a body so scrawny and simple, your owner still found you feminine and fit to be his mate.

A few more hours passed, and your body had recovered from all of the rounds the man had with you during your sleep, but he still hadn't returned. After some nervous deliberation, you decided to take a risk. You staggered up to your feet and walked through the bedroom, opening the door a crack when you arrived at it, tail swishing at the noisy creak it made. Not seeing him, you walked out to look for him.

You wandered down the hallway, into the living room, and you're peered into the kitchen to check for him when suddenly your arm was twisted behind your back and you shrieked, and flinched when your owner leaned over you. "Stupid little bitch, what did I tell you?" He growled into your large pointed ear. Your voice caught in your throat. "What is it, do you need to be treated like a whore again, reminded of your place?" You heard a zip as his large hand pinned you down onto the couch, the same couch that he impregnated you on.

He slid into your pussy from behind, the wetness of taking his erection all the way inside in one hard thrust. A whine escaped your throat and you held on to the cushion of the couch with your fingers as he pounded into your small body, the rough motion making you see stars. You still wanted to tell him that you were only looking for him, but as you heard your owner moaning above you, you decided to give up on that and please him by submitting to him.

He pulled out and lifted you up by your collar, the load he pumped into you seeping out of your cunt and down your thighs. You grasped his large hand with both of yours for support and mewled high and choked; your weak, shocked body still being stimulated by the feeling of his semen flowing thickly out of your cunt. "You behaved well, pet. I'm still going to have to tie you down, I can't have you going anywhere." His deep voice told you before he let you drop to the couch. "Stay." He ordered, punctuated with a jab under your ribs.

When he returned, you were sitting obediently in a puddle of his cum, and he attached the leash to your collar. He felt up your stomach and moaned at it's plumpness, and you pressed your face to his arm happily. He walked you back to the room, tied your leash to the radiator and sat down on his bed, patting beside him to signal you to join him. The leash stretched far enough for you to do so, and you sat beside him, your tail shaking as you approached. When you sat down he pulled you right into his lap, your back against his warm body. He pecked kisses over your head and ears which twitched at the attention. You moaned softly at the relief of his fingers slowly massaging your leaking chest. Your body wanted to melt back into his heat, the lust you felt as he fucked you still lingering.

As if he sensed your emotions, he lifted you up and dropped you down onto his cock, and you yelped at the sudden penetration. He rubbed your clit as you remained seated on his cock, sucked your neck, and milked your nipple. It only took a minute of that before an orgasmed wrecked through your small frame, and then he grabbed your waist, pulling you up and down on his cock. Four thrusts into your spasming cunt brought him to his peak, and he spurted a thick stream of semen up against your cervix. Your head lolled back against him, panting as his you felt his erection die down inside of you, his load spent.

He let your exhausted frame lay down in his lap, your back against his legs, and your legs folded to his side. You fell asleep with your cheek pressed to the soft material on his large thigh, and his heavy cock resting against your chest.

You woke up happy to find he had continued to make use of your body as you slept, but you were drenched in semen inside and out, and you felt pent up all over again. You put your fingers into your mouth to inspect the thick substance inside, and a string of cum stretched as you pulled them out. You moaned and swallowed it down eagerly, rubbing what was left on your fingers in between your folds.

"That's my good girl." Rumbled his deep voice approaching you, and you flinched, surprised by his presence. "Want more?" You nodded immediately, warmth filling your gut. As you sat up, the heaviness of your pregnancy caught you off guard, and you staggered, catching yourself with your skinny arm when you got to your knees.

"Mm," He moaned above you as he watched you, your eyes only level to his upper calves. "You better get used to having a baby inside of you, it'll be a long time before I'll let you be without one." Your eyes went wide, and you looked up at your owner's as he stroked himself in front of you. "R-really?" You squeaked, "Are you going to make more babies in me?"

He grinned. "Plenty." He spoke deeply, "Besides, that one's growing so fast in you, and there's no way you're through slaving for my cock."

With that he tugged your leash, and shoved his cock deep into your throat. You moaned around the intrusion, closing your eyes as the taste and warmth filled your mouth and throat. He kept himself all the way inside to keep the chances of your pointed teeth nicking him to a minimum, his nerves being stimulated by your throat working around him. His cock pulsed, his semen began pumping down your throat, and he slowly pulled out, letting the thick white liquid seep down your throat and then fill your mouth. You stroked your clit rapidly, revelling in the sensations of the thick, scalding hot liquid traveling down inside of you, the feeling of the collar rubbing at the skin of your neck, and the sound of your owner moaning above you.

"Keep your mouth opened, and don't swallow." He commanded, and you obeyed, a pool of thick white seed heavy in your open mouth, dripping out the corners. "Keep your fingers on your clit until I tell you to stop." You obeyed, moaning muffledly, eyes fixed on his cock. He tucked it back into his pants and you whined, but then he sat in front of you, and then his head was pressed above your pregnant belly. Your voice broke when his wet mouth suddenly latched around your nipple and sucked, more lactation coming out than ever before. You moaned at the unexpected relief, and your left arm hooked over his shoulder.

Suddenly, and for the first time, you felt his baby move inside you and you keened at the sensation, choking on his semen in your mouth. "Swallow." You obeyed and he pushed you down onto your back, hunched over you to keep his mouth to your nipple, and shoved his cock inside of you. You sobbed with overstimulation, still not allowed to stop stroking your clit, semen seeping down your throat and into your stomach. The cambion pushed at the walls of your womb as your owner fucked and sucked you mercilessly.

You were thrown into the hardest orgasm you had ever had, prolonged by your mate as he pounded you all the way through it and forced you to keep your fingers on your clit. Finally he told you to let go, and he let go of your nipple, and your frail body went slack. Your ears folded back in submission as you laid limp on the floor and continued to be fucked relentlessly.

Your gaze shifted from the ceiling, to the round swell of your pregnancy, to your owner holding your leash and thrusting inside of you; the wrath of his lust was unfaltering, you felt it go on for hours in a haze.

You regained some awareness, though still dim, when you felt your canal stretching. Your owner's form caught your gaze, and his scleras had gone black, his iris and pupil looked like fire and were slowly expanding in size. His veins strained beneath his skin as he held himself above you, still madly rutting you.

He growled and grunted brutishly and you watched as his body changed and grew; His veins darkened; ink black and barklike horns sprouted, growing thick and stretching back and then far upward into sharp points. The same material began to grow down his neck, up his jaw, over his face, spiking out on the sides, only his eyes were left visible and they glowed like fire. It spiked on his shoulders when it grew down his arms, and spiked thickly out of his upper back as it grew down from there, and soon covered his entire frame. Throughout his demonic transformation his body grew from being almost twice your size, to being almost three times your size.

You stared at your owner's changed form atop you, your eyes round and wide. Feelings of awe, shock, and fear coursed through you, your body straining to adjust to his increased size as it kept thrusting inside of you. His cock felt entirely different inside of you after his dark, barklike exoskeleton reached it; so massive that you could feel every detail of the black veins. His animalistic grunting died down into panting, and he wrapped his arms around you, pulling your dainty frame to his strong body. Your heart heated from both the bodily contact and the state of ecstasy it brought, and you inhaled his scent, still so familiar and comforting even with the added undertones of fire and smoke.

Once you relaxed in his grasp, his heat spread inside of you and you both moaned, his noises so much deeper than your own and reverberating pleasantly through your entire frame as he filled you up. His ejaculate was hotter than ever, and your breath hitched as you felt your body pull it into your womb. Your body went limp, sensations overwhelming you as the cambion transformed inside of you to match it's father. Your eyes went white as it grew and grew inside of your pulsating womb while your lay in your master's arms, held off the floor against his his heated, hulking frame. Pressure rolled through you, from your back to the front of your stomach; once, twice, and then a third time, and then your owner's cock slid out of you, and his clawed hand slid in. You went limp in the hand he clutched your body with as you felt his other hand grip the pulsating sac inside of your womb and pull it out through your cunt. Your entire body trembled violently, a river of his ejaculate pouring out of you when he freed his massive hand. When you were empty, the entire area surrounding the two of you was covered in a massive puddle of his ejaculate, his demonic essence. It singed the wooden floor of the cabin to dark ash.

You were urged back to full awareness by the fluid sac pulsating on top of your flat stomach. You were cradled in the hot lap of your master, his thick legs beneath your small body. Each of your hearts pulsed rapidly in rhythm with the sac, and his claw gently traced down the side of it, opening it up. The cambion mirrored its father's newly gained form, molten and fiery on the inside with a rough, dark gray-black exoskeleton, and its frame was about two thirds the size of your torso. Its exoskeleton peeled back slightly for it's molten mouth to gain access to your nipple, drinking from you contentedly. Sizzling noises occurred as it drank down the cold milk from your body, and its tiny claws kneaded into your pale flesh. You hugged your master's offspring to your chest, and for the first time in your young life, pride swelled inside of you.

You looked up into your owner's glowing, fiery eyes and purred deep in your throat as you were finally able to fully take in his new form. He purred back and pressed his barkish face to your much smaller one, and you nuzzled each other with so much love. Your scorched womb and canal were still slowly healing, but the burn didn't bother you; you treasured every sensation that was part of you having carried and delivered life for your beautiful master, no matter how painful.

You had been shocked at the occurrence of his transformation, but now that your head had cleared substantially, you supposed you should have expected it. Being exposed to so much of your demonic energy, with your ever growing emotions for him, had been affecting his behavior. His voice had gained a depth to it that wasn't at all humanlike, his instincts toward protection and dominance of you grew stronger, and even more noticeably, his sexual potency grew far beyond human capability. He fucked and filled you so constantly that his cock had forcibly rushed your weak body through rapid gestation of his offspring. The form he now took was clearly that of an all-powerful demon, he could take the underworld into complete and utter tyranny if he chose.

His gaze burned into yours and your round eyes shined, ears turning down as you stared at your mate in awe. One thing you could have never expected was for your fate to spin around like it did, the absolute lowest ranking beast in the underworld mating with a beast that could become the absolute highest. Your pressed your hand to his chest, feeling the veiny details of his exoskeleton and his magma core palpitate beneath. "You could become in-incredibly powerful in the underworld, you know..."

"Is that so?" He rumbled down at you, moving to pet your head as his offspring fed from you.

"Yes master," You told him, "You would climb to the height of the hierarchy a-almost immediately, with your power."

"Hm," His throat hummed and his claw scratched behind your batlike ear gently. "What about you, little one?"

You hesitated, biting your lip. "I, um, I-I'm a very low ranking demon, but if you registered me as your property, I would be able to follow you wherever."

"That will be our next action, then, my pet." He smiled down to you with his warm eyes, "I will impregnate you with my next offspring before we depart, so rest and heal for now."

"Y-yes master... thank you..." Your arousal sparked at his promise, making your scorched insides tingle and burn, and you tried to repress it for the time being. You curled up in his lap, cuddling his newborn as you were pet and your frail, damaged body quickly fell into slumber.

You woke up comfortably in your owner's bed, dressed in the jacket he had given to you on your very first night with him. Your tail wagged hard against the mattress and you curled up into it, inhaling the jacket's scent greedily. You were still collared, but no longer leashed, and you were so happy that your master trusted you. The burns inside of you had healed, the only ones left being over your nipples from the newborn cambion using them to feed during your rest.

You saw an orange glow emanating from somewhere outside the window, and you got up and walked over to it to stick your head out curiously. Your eyes widened when you saw your master's fiery form burning against the night, embers scattering in the air around him. When he sensed you, he let his barklike exoskeleton fold back over him, and his mind beckoned to you. You climbed out of the window and rushed up to him.

He laid you down on the grass, your open jacket keeping it from itching you, and your bare front presented to him. His loose embers glistened in the air as he kneeled above you. "Hello, pretty girl," He purred lowly, the head of his gigantic cock pressing against your folds. "Are you ready for me to create another life inside of you?"

"Y-yes," You whined out eagerly. "P-please fill me at your discretion, master, this body belongs only to you, it's purpose is only to please you and- and bear your children-" You babbled as a drop of his pre-cum singed the lips of your pussy, and his thick member sinked into it. He moaned while he pushed his cock deeper inside you, and pre-cum oozed out of the tip continuously, blistering your inner walls. You moaned brokenly with the heady mix pain and pleasure. When the head of his cock hit the back of your canal, a thick gop of pre-cum emerged from it, and scorched your cervix open. A scream of pain ripped from your throat and your eyes fluttered uncontrollably as his cock burnt its way through, shoving all the way to the back of your womb.

Your scrawny body convulsed with the intense sensations of your master's demonic cock fucking you deeper than should have been possible. His clawed hand held your narrow hips, various moans emitting from his throat as the rough texture of his cock rubbed inside of your soft womb. He leaned down and held you to try and soothe your convulsions, his broad arm hooking around the back of your jacket. Your body calmed as your cold skin was pressed against his heated exoskeleton and he purred, tongue revealing to lick your neck. He let his essence slowly fill your womb and you whimpered so weakly, the searing heat of his semen sending out throbs of burning pain up through your torso. Your owner carefully pulled out of you once your womb was full and heavy with his demonic seed, and you rolled on your side, heaving and sobbing into the ground.

Your master disappeared from your peripheral vision and suddenly sounds of slicing and squelching filled the air. You lifted your aching body to look toward the sound in a panic, and your master stood above a small group of, now decapitated, humans. "The rodents came out to watch, unfortunately." He growled down at their corpses. "They rushed out of the forest after you screamed."

Your trembling body collapsed back to the ground, pain overcoming you. Your glassy eyes watched him in your daze, as his exoskeleton peeled back from his hand, and he used the flames of his core to burn the human's corpses.

You laid on your back, chest heaving and marred with burns, another burn on your neck, and your insides deeply scorched. Your heart thudded hard in your chest as the pain started to dull, and then you almost sobbed with relief when you felt your owner's second-to-be-born offspring gestating safely inside of you, despite the brutal insemination. "Master-" You called out to him weakly from the ground.

He stopped inspecting the human's ashes and approached you, kneeling over you. He pressed his clawed hand to your flat stomach you hissed at the pressure, but once felt his second progeny forming beneath, he eased up and rubbed affectionately. He cupped your face in his hard, veiny hand and wiped away your tears, and you nuzzled into it, pressing a kiss to the rough exoskeleton of his palm. "You've done so well for me, my pet." He crooned, and pressed his clawed thumb into your mouth; your pointed teeth nibbled it for a moment before you lavished it with your tongue. "Such a good girl... I'll get us a safe place in the underworld tonight, and I'll protect you there while your pregnancy grows heavy, and through every pregnancy after that." You moaned around your owner's thumb with his praise and promise.

You emerged in the most middle region of the underworld, down the alley from the registry. Your master towered beside you, and you clutched onto his arm with your own as he walked. Your other arm clutched his firstborn, and it fed from your exposed nipple, while his second grew deep within your marred womb. You were dressed in only the baggy, open jacket and thick collar. The end of your leash was gripped in your owner's hand.

Normally you were riddled with self consciousness about how you appeared and hated being seen by the other beasts of the underworld, but this was much different. Your cold heart fluttered with every demon who looked at you, pride swelling with how visibly you belonged to your powerful owner.

While you waited at the registry the various sensations rippling through your small frame caught up with you, and you slumped against your master's arm, your ears folding down and your tail drooping against your leg as you moaned in pain. His offspring's molten mouth had created deep scabs on your chest as it fed from your nipples and they stung harshly. Your cunt, canal, and womb were all deeply marred and healing so slowly; your energy was prioritized on growing the offspring that gestated, instead of healing you. There were almost constant sensations that occurred during the gestation process, and with the walls of your womb so burnt every single one wrought agonizing pain.

Your owner held you to his middle and his clawed hand pet your hair soothingly, smoothing over your downturned ears. You sank into his comfort, pressing your face to his rough skin and inhaling his scent. His close presence slightly pacified the dull throbbing of where he had marked your cunt inside and out with his searing cum. He embraced you, cocooning you between his thick arms and hulking frame, and his firstborn rumbled happily between your bodies.

The depth of your owner's voice shook your frame as he spoke. He urged you back a safe distance when he was requested to display his ability to the registry. You hiked his firstborn back up on your body when it threatened to slip, and watched your owner as he stood tall and graceful, and his eyes closed into glowing slits. The spikes on his back erupted into flame, embers spreading outward into the air. His eyes slowly opened, and he let thin twigs of his exoskeleton peel back, and fire crackled from between while he craned his neck back. As he bellowed from his throat, flame began to rise backward from where he stood, erupting through the alleyway behind him, and charring it black with ash in one fell sweep.

The registry named his ability the Burning Bark, and registered him as a lord. He pulled you back to his side by your leash and, when he informed the registry that he was raising an army, they accepted his request to be sanctioned as a chief. Your tail swished in excitement with how quickly the underworld bent to your master's will. While he registered you under his ownership, you noticed he took the name of Faerhoral, and he named you Chirop. You were so happy he was naming you; you had never been named or registered as a resident of the underworld since you had only just reached the age where you could do so before you left. A guard approached, and your owner directed him, "Please escort my progeny to our domicile, I will find my way there with Chirop."

He pulled the cambion off of your nipple and trusted it to the guard, and he held your left shoulder as he towered over your right. You walked through the next passage together, your tail shaking with merriment. You gazed at the familiar surroundings as you entered the region's crowded center circle together. It was unthinkable that your old, sufferful life could have ever lead to being bonded to a lord, but it had. You had delivered his first, and now carried his second child; you had marks of his essence both inside and all over your frail, battered frame; you had been registered as his own, given a name by him, and now you walked beside him through the underworld as he proudly held you. You gazed up at him in adoration. His embers elegantly floated from him, left over from his earlier display of power, and he looked around the crowded area curiously. Other creatures cowered, keeping their heads down to avoid eye contact, at his towering presence. A few incubi blanched as they recognized you, but you didn't mind, you wouldn't mind if everyone you had ever known found out who you belonged to.

A leafless tree was planted in a circle of dirt encased in gray brick edging. Your owner approached the raised surface and your ears folded down in submission as he lay you upon it.

All at once you were mounted, his cock entering your open cunt.

You moaned in rapture, but as his abrasive shaft slowly traveled up your canal, your breath grew labored and fear set in. "P-please be careful, master," You stuttered, "I-I haven't healed yet- your o-offspring isn't protect- ed- mmas-"

Your eyes rolled back into your eyelids and you drooled as the girthy head of his cock slipped past the charred ring that used to be your cervix.

He ravaged your body with a series of deep moans above you, standing up and deeply, slowly thrusting in and out of your womb. The tip of his cock rubbed deep inside of you with each thrust, and pushed the amniotic sac hard against the right wall as he repeatedly hit the back of your womb. Your charred inner lining flaked apart where his rough cock rubbed. You laid limp. Your eyes were almost white, only the very bottom of your iris visible from under your eyelid. Your pointed teeth were visible as your saliva foamed from your open mouth. Your collared neck was craned back, the back of your head pressed into the dirt, your ears folded flat. Other creatures looked down at you in horror as your owner fucked your scrawny body in front of countless onlookers.

The dark red sky filled your vision and your glassy gaze attempted to roam the massive blur of your owner above you, and the several other blurs of beasts behind him. Your eyes barely came down from your eyelids, unable to focus on anything. The blur of the world tilted, and suddenly you were being lifted to your feet. You immediately fell into your owners broad arms, your stomach too heavy for your thin legs to support. He held you up as you panted raggedly. Your vision adjusted and you saw your pregnant stomach. It had descended 5 inches, it was heavy and plump, your owner's ejaculation a catalyst for his offspring's rapid gestation.

The crowd who watched your owner fuck you whispered around you. Your face was paler than ever, and the flesh under your eyes was puffed out from crying. You rubbed your eyes with your jacket sleeve as you held onto your owner's strong arm for support as he waited patiently for you to recover. Your weak body trembled, the knees of your struggling legs turned inwards. He stood protectively over you as the other beasts around you began to shuffle away. You remained still, all of your energy focusing on recovering as his cum dried on the blistered walls of your womb and pussy.

You remained in a haze as he carried you, your frail form cradled in his thick arms, your face pressed against his chest, and your hand resting on your round pregnancy. You barely saw anything as he walked, your eyes struggling to stay open. Something plush hit your back and you were sprawled out, and your owner's long tongue entered your mouth, the heat of it tingling down your throat. His fiery, uncovered, face left black burns around the outside of your lips as he kissed you. Your chest tingled as he pulled away, his exoskeleton coming back to cover his face. He laid beside you, curling protectively around you.

"Are you still in there?" Your owner asked, clutching your jaw with his massive hand. "You'll need to give birth very soon, young one."

You absently held the baby painfully sucking your nipple, and stared at your massive, hard, swollen stomach.

Your owner squeezed a spurt of milk from your other nipple. "Mmm, well, that's alright. You don't need a working mind to mother my offspring." He uncovered his large mouth of fire, and pressed burning kisses and sucks to your nipple, then your neck, then all over your mouth, leaving your skin blackened. "It's a shame, though, you were such a good girl..." He moved between your legs and burned up your thin thigh, and then to your crotch, where he licked and sucked your pussy, burning it to a crisp. You laid your head to the side with a moan, and the baby clawed onto the freshly burnt flesh around your other nipple, and fed.

Your owner stood and yanked your leash, choking you. "Up." He commanded, and you got onto your knees, and supported yourself with your left hand on the floor, and held his baby to your chest with your right. A dog-like position was the best you could manage, with the 30 pound baby in your arm, and your 20 pound pregnancy hanging off of your normally 50 pound body.

You panted and moaned through contractions as your owner walked you through the streets of the underworld. He walked slowly for you, so you could follow him on your hand and knees, even through labor.

You were in a crowded market by the time the second baby started to push through your destroyed cervix, and you keened, nearly dropping the first baby. Thankfully, its claws latched onto your flesh, and it clung to you when you dropped your right hand to support yourself with both hands and knees. You resumed crawling slowly as your owner pulled your leash, whining softly while one of his babies fed from your nipple and the other tried to break out of your womb.

"Here is the finished craft, my lord, I trust it's to your liking?" A stranger spoke to your owner.

Your owner swung a fiery sword through the air, spreading a glow of embers. "Yes, this will do." He rumbled.

"Very good, my lord." The craftsman spoke. "Forgive me but your pet seems to be crying, is it in need of care...?"

"...Ah, don't worry about her." He leaned down and pet your hair and behind your ears, and your tail swished at the attention. "She's quite resilient. I will take a moment in your stall, however. She needs to bear down for my secondborn."


Your owner walked you further into the stall, before turning you over onto your back, and parting your thin legs. "Be a good girl and push." He commanded, and you did, moaning brokenly as his gargantuan offspring shoved through your canal, and his other bit at your chest. Your owner rubbed your stomach while you strained, and once the baby was out enough for him to easily grab it, he pulled the sac out from your cunt. He opened it up, licked the baby clean of amniotic fluid, and placed it in your left arm.

You didn't have any milk left, so the babies in your arms ate at your flesh with fiery mouths. You stood on wobbling legs, and followed your owner as he pulled you along. You moved as if you were a corpse that had been reanimated, your eyes dull and lifeless, your mouth parted and drooling.

By the time your owner had walked you home, the babies had eaten black, burnt dents into your flesh. He pulled them off of you and let them roam. Your owner sat on his throne and you dropped to your knees before it, eagerly fitting his cock into your mouth. It scraped all the way down your throat, and then he ejaculated lava-like semen into your body. You moaned around his cock, bobbing your head as your throat and stomach were filled and burnt black. Before he finished ejaculating, he pinned you down, thrusted into your womb, and inseminated you with the remainder of his load.

The trauma that your body had gone through had left your mind vacant and rendered you into a drooling, moaning incubator for your owner’s progeny.

You were lying limp, heavily lactating and being fed from by your owner’s two babies. You were growing an entire litter for him in your open womb, causing you to lactate much more than your two previous pregnancies. All of the energy that your weak body produced was being spent on growing the several cambion, depriving you of your motor functions.

He kept your destroyed body on a circular, dark red cushion in his throne room, so he would always have access to your cunt, and his cambion would have easy access to your nipples. Your flesh was littered in deep wounds from the claws of his offspring, and painful indentations from where their fiery mouths had eaten it.

Your body convulsed as one of the babies inside of you ripped out of it’s sac, and crawled out of your open womb and through your canal, it’s claws tearing apart your insides on it’s way.

When your contractions started your dragged you back by your neck and let your head hang off of the cushion, and thrust into your mouth. He fucked your throat while you pushed the babies out of your cunt one by one. Each one would claw apart your insides a little more, and then claw apart your torso while they fought with the others over your milk.

By the time you birthed the eighth, your chest had been ripped to shreds. They moved onto your stomach next, eating it open, the rest of the litter tearing out of their amniotic sacs all at once. You stopped convulsing.