You awoke on a hard table in a dark room. You were naked and you had stitches down the middle of your torso. Your own skin was hardly recognizable to you, entirely marred with wounds and burns. In the dark you could hardly make out anything else, but you could see your own gore hanging up on racks. The sight would have made your stomach turn, if you still had one.

You still had your heart, though, and it was desperately urging you to get up. Get to your owner. To his babies.

You pushed yourself up despite the tearing of your stitches, screaming through the pain. "Ah- wait!" A voice called, and your glare darted toward it, your pointed teeth bared in warning. An enormous satyr emerged from the darkness and paused when you snarled. He stood at 150 inches tall, 90 inches taller than you, and he was covered in thick, wavy, white fur. He had long, thin ears and thick, light brown horns. His face was long and sloped, and in his mouth were two rows of large, thick, menacing teeth.

"Please don’t be hostile, I mean you no harm." He spoke softly, nervously. You trembled, not taking your eyes off him as he approached, braced for defense. "I just need to dress you in some… reinforcement." When his large hand grasped you, your tail curled around his thick arm threateningly. "Do you want to be able to move without falling apart?" The goat beast asked and you paused in alarm, but nodded.

He attached metal frames around your torso and jaw, they kept you stiff and less mobile, but you preferred that over ‘falling apart’ like he warned. The jaw frame went from behind your neck, then over your ears, down almost to your jaw, then down below your lip. The torso frame had two strips half down your back, and one half down your front, connecting around your neck and waist.

You got up off of the metal slab, and flinched when the goat beast dropped heavily to his knees.

"Please don’t return to Faerhoral." He begged, and grasped at your thin legs. "Please."

You made a noise of confusion, tilting your ears.

"He’ll rip you apart again. You were publicly discarded when I found you, after he had let his children rip you to pieces." You whined when the goat gripped you harder. "Do you not care?" Your ears tilted down.

He sighed, his head turning down, ears drooping. "Give me a chance instead. Please."

You trembled in the goat beast’s grasp, staring at his down-turned head. You understood why your owner had discarded you, but you didn’t understand what the other beast wanted of you.

You were even more pathetic and disgraceful than you were already used to; your entire body was permanently marked and marred by Faerhoral. All areas of your flesh were either charred by fire, wounded by claws, or both.

You were flesh and bone, more literally now; you had some organs left but you felt much emptier, and you were severely thin. Your limbs hardly reached 7 inches in diameter at their widest girth.

Even if it weren’t for that, you couldn’t comprehend why such a mountainous beast kneeled before you.

"A chance?" Your small voice asked.

The goat beast leaned down further to press his muzzle between your thin thighs and you hiccuped in alarm. "A chance to be a gentle, compatible mate and protector for you." He rumbled against your crotch, and slid his soft tongue into your ruined canal.

Your knees wobbled and you grabbed onto his horns while his soft, wet tongue soothed your charred insides. You moaned as the girth of it traveled up and up, and then into your womb. He licked all around the scorched chamber, soothing it with his soft tongue and salivating inside of it.

His hands held your narrow hips firmly to his face while he licked your womb. You whimpered and whined, holding his thick horns desperately, and your tail wagged frantically. "Hnn- hnnh- y-yes…" You whined brokenly. His tongue felt so good inside of your womb and canal, and the soft fur of his hands and face felt so good pressed against you and holding you.

His wet muscle slowly slid out of you, licking down your charred walls. Your scarred face was flushed, your lungs overworking. He kneeled back up to your full height, and pulled you against his soft body. You trembled and nuzzled into him, your eyes closed.

"My name is Gaenimid. Faerhoral has discarded you, and I may claim you. Will you submit to me, dear child?" He spoke above you, and you nodded into his white fur.

He sat on his haunches and pressed his large tongue to your scarred face. He licked down from your forehead, past the metal frame on your jaw, and then stopped at your neck, pressing his teeth to your skin. When his incisors sunk inside of you, white enveloped your vision, and then your mind.

Saliva leaked from your mouth, and fluid leaked from your cunt, and you mounted Gaenimid’s thick thigh. You rubbed your cunt against it and humped and moaned. He pet your thin thigh with a thumb while your hips desperately undulated and you rubbed yourself against his fur. You were creating wet spots on him in your craze. You wrapped your thin legs around his hock when he stood, your arms as far around his hips as you could reach, and mindlessly humped his leg.

He still moved easily, as your weight was nothing to him, a mere 35 pounds after your damaged organs were removed. He walked up the stairs, and with every other step his thigh would push against you. Your weak body quickly ran out of stamina, and by the time Gaenimid stopped moving you were only clinging to him.

Your thoughts had seeped through your haze, and your despair with them. By the time Gaenimid laid you down you were a sweaty, sobbing mess. "Why do you cry?" Gaenimid asked softly, concerned. He licked your face and hair to try to soothe your shakes.

"I-I’ve," You choked, "I’ve forsaken Faerhoral, a-and I was too weak," You inhaled breathlessly, "t-to mother his children, to be a proper mate… my elders were right a-about me, just when I thought they hadn’t been." You were heaving and sobbing harder as you said it out loud, and with Gaenimid showing such care, holding you in his soft arms, petting you and licking you.

"You’re wrong, and they were wrong." He rumbled, licking your neck and then nuzzling. "You’re unsuited to mate with Faerhoral, yes, but you…" He groaned, "Only a child yourself, yet so fertile, you’re an inimitable mate… and I will show you… I will show you that you will be a perfect mother... for my children."

All at once wide hips were pressed to narrow ones and the girthy head of his woolly cock was pushed inside of your womb. You whined and grabbed him, your thin limbs clinging onto him while he rapidly humped your broken body.

Your face and hair were damp from his saliva. You lay submissive beneath his heavy body, rutting you with his woolly muscle rubbing inside of your womb. He groaned feverishly and you whimpered in response, your voice shaking as he humped you.

"Yy-yes, ah-" You cried. Thick, milky cum gushed inside of your womb. It coated your charred insides, filled your womb and canal, and then rushed through your fallopian tubes. He held you tenderly as you spasmed with his impregnation of you, licking your twitching ears.

He started humping you again, and licked his tongue into your open mouth. He licked down your throat and salivated inside of it and your own saliva leaked out of the corners of your mouth, while he fucked your womb and sloshed his semen around inside of it.

He let your mouth go and sucked and nibbled on your bat ear while vigorously humping you, his massive, woolly cock moving inside of your womb with his cum. You moaned continuously, keeping your face pressed to the fur of his chest and eyes closed.

He came inside of your full womb; it stretched with his load, and filled up your fallopian tubes again. He pulled out, and a rush of semen poured out from between your thin thighs. You sat up, sweaty and damp with Gaenimid’s saliva, and stared at the mess between your legs. Stared at your destroyed body. His large hand landed on your head and you shuddered, but he only pet you. Tears welled up in your eyes again, and you pounced on him, burying your face in his fur.

You were messy and wet all over, but you noticed that your torso was getting more wet. You pulled your face from him and looked down at yourself and saw you were lactating from multiple areas of your flat torso. Gaenimid pinched one of the areas and you gasped as you spurted, and ground down on his thigh.

"I gave you more milk glands when I operated on you, to be sure you’d face no problems mothering my litter." Gaenimid told you. You moaned and humped his thigh, leaking milk on his fur. His paw cradled under your crotch, and he lifted you up to his mouth, and licked at your nipples. You moaned continuously, and humped his soft paw and licked between his horns. You were leaking all over yourself, running rivulets down to your crotch and thighs. "All of this milk you’re pumping out…" He purred, and you whined when he pushed a thick finger into your canal. "My seed has made you into such a beautiful mother."

"Aah-" You moaned as the finger he penetrated you with rubbed your womb. "M-more… please…"

He laid you down, and you spread your thin legs wide for his big woolly cock. A mix of his saliva and your own dribbled from your mouth as he slid inside of you, his wet fur rubbing up your canal until the blunt head of his cock was pressed again to the back of your womb. You laid flat, your nipples pulsating and lactating as he kneeled above you and pistoned his hips. Your eyes were rolled back into your skull, you were moaning constantly, and the embryos of his litter were forming inside of you.

You lay drenched in sweat, slobber, milk, and semen, and you moaned dreamily while Gaenimid fucked you through the initiations of your pregnancy. The metal frames that held your mutilated body together shone with slick, and rattled noisily while he humped you. He wrapped his left hand around your chest, his right around your waist, and squeezed, causing all six of your nipples to gush out a generous amount of milk. You moaned at the sensation, and he moaned at the sight, and the dam broke within him.

His monstrous cock released a surge of thick cum into you, flooding your insides; and you twitched and choked as it rushed up your throat and flooded your mouth, pouring down your jaw. He pulled out of you and pet your sagging ears. You were a picture of degeneracy; your eyes unfocused and your chest heaving; your emaciated, mutilated body limp and wrecked; another beast’s cum leaking thickly out of your womb and mouth; your six nipples pumping out milk for his unborn litter.

Gaenimid groaned and curled his massive body around yours, licking you with fervour. "Good girl, such a good little mommy." He pulled you against his soft fur and pressed his thick leg between your thin ones, and you moaned drowsily. You wrapped your legs around his hock and humped and leaked, from your nipples and your cunt, all over his fur as he laid beside you and held you. Your mouth found his nipple and sucked it as you humped him, and he moaned gratuitously, eventually ejaculating a thick load of cum onto your abdomen and pelvis.

He pulled you up to head level with him, and his muzzle pressed to your mouth, kissing you deeply. You reciprocated, your eyes closed and tail wagging sluggishly, his soft arms wrapped around you. When he let you go, you pressed your face to his neck and took a deep whiff of his scent, and listened to his pulse. He curled around you, encompassing you in his fur. Your bodies lulled each other’s to sleep, drenched in milk and semen both.

You awoke with Gaenimid still asleep beside you, and moved onto your back. You rubbed your slight baby bump gratefully, thrumming with affection for the elder beast’s litter. You turned and licked his fur adoringly, his semen still dribbling out your mouth.

You owed everything to the satyr, you loved him so much. He gave you a second chance at life and motherhood. He impregnated you despite how grotesque, ruined, and underdeveloped your body was. He treated you with so much love, too, handling you so tenderly. He treated you as both a child, and a mother to his own.

You sat up with some effort, the growing embryos in your womb weighing you down slightly. Gaenimid had rolled onto his back when you left his arms, and you moaned under your breath at the sight of his erection. You climbed onto him and laid on his stomach which rose and fell in his sleep.

You slipped his big cock inside of your pliant cunt with a quiet moan, and let it into your womb. You humped him placidly, laying on top of him and enjoying the fat head of his cock. You smiled as you felt it pulsate, and then you were flooded by cum, pouring out from between your mouth and onto the fur of his stomach.

His thumb pressed into your mouth and you sucked it as if by instinct, and looked up at him drowsily. Now awake, he bucked his hips up into yours and you moaned wantonly as he fucked you. Milk dripped down his sides as you lactated against him. You pressed your face to his stomach fur, your loud moans muffled against him as he fucked your bloated uterus and pet your sagged ears. Your tail whipped back and forth happily, and his semen seeped out of your parted mouth with his ejaculation.

You crawled up his body and licked his face affectionately, and he rumbled and rubbed your back. You sat up on his chest and pulled his paw to rest on the slight distention of your belly. "Ah, already showing..." He purred. "No matter how large my litter grows within you, I’ll make sure you’re nothing but comfortable in your pregnancy, my dear lambkin." Your scarred face blushed and you leaned down and kissed his soft muzzle, petting his long ears. He kissed you back, slobbering all over your mouth, returning your adoration.

He sat you down as he stood from the bed of blankets. "Remain here, young one." He told you, and you obeyed. You rubbed your leaking cunt on the soaked blanket as you sat in wait. He returned with two metal poles, with clasps at the top of them and handles a few inches below. He carefully helped you to your feet, and you depended on his arm to stand. "Put your arm through here, and hold onto the handle," He directed, and you put your arms through each clasp and held onto each handle. "Very good, you’ll be able to walk with the help of these."

"T-thank you…" You purred, and kissed his stomach. "W-where are we?"

"Trovep, a beast region on the surface. You have nothing to fear, we’re far from where I found you." He told you, his thumb rubbing your jaw tenderly.

His home was a spacious hut with a high ceiling, a wood floor, and wood walls. The ground floor was one sunlit room, and fresh air filled it from the windows. The only other floor was the basement where he performed surgeries. Right of the stairwell to that, there was a couch covered by blankets and pillows. Then a windowsill with various bottles, books, and candles upon it. Then a front door, and beside that an area for food preparation, as Gainimid was a type of beast that needed to feed past full growth. Then a washing area for bowls and fabrics, and a self washing area. Behind you was the bed, large with an elevated base, and covered in thick blankets. Everything was oversized to you, as the satyr was multiple times your size.

Gaenimid guided you with a large paw to your back, and you followed on your crutches. You stood together on the round stone platform, and put your crutches aside, allowing you to hold onto his arm. He pulled the water on and let the various fluids wash off of your bodies.

Once you were both clean and sopping wet, he picked you up, and your crutches, and carried you outside. You blinked your eyes, adjusting to the direct sunlight. He set you down on the grass, his hut was surrounded by a vast field. You flinched and giggled when he started shaking the water out of his thick fur and it splashed off of him like a sprinkler. Still sopping wet yourself, you sprawled out in the grass and flowers, and stared up at the mammoth body above you, silhouetted by the sun. You pet your pregnancy tenderly, the sight your mate’s strong form bringing you feelings of peace. "You’re beautiful." You whispered.

He smiled down at you warmly, his fur now dry and fluffy. He kneeled down and began to lick you dry, and you tingled at the feeling of his large tongue licking all over your body. By the time he was done the shorter layers of your long hair stood up funny from the way he licked it dry.

Your tail wagged as he picked you up, and he moaned as you sucked his neck and humped him, your thin legs around his broad waist and thin arms around his neck. "My body aches to make love to yours again, dear child…" You shuddered and kept sucking his neck. "Your eggs have already been fertilized, yet my balls are heavy with cum to fill your pregnant body with." His words made you drip with want, and hump him with fervor.

He stilled your hips and slid 3 fingers into your canal and you moaned, and then he slipped in the rest of his hand. Your eyes fluttered and mouthed drooled as his hand explored your vagina. He splayed his hand out, and you slumped against him, convulsing and drooling, impaled on his thick arm while he felt up the inside of your womb. "Mmmngn, mmnh," You moaned incoherently, and lactation pulsed thickly out of all of your nipples.

"Gods... I just felt them grow." He murmured softly, petting the expanding sac inside of your womb. Your eyes were crossed, your mouth opened and leaking, and you were moaning depravedly. Without any pain dulling your senses, the phenomenon of all the embryos forming into fetuses felt mind numbingly intense, and even more so with their father feeling them inside of you. The pulsating sac grew so much that it forced out his hand, and he slid out his soaked limb.

He kneeled, laid you on the ground, and pressed the tip of his cock inside of you, and it only took two strokes before he was filling your spasming womb with more seed. You held your pregnant stomach, seizing in the throes of gestation as cum rushed through your fallopian tubes and to your eggs, ensuring the litter would soon grow even more. You curled up onto your side, holding your pregnancy in your thin arms and moaning, semen leaking out of you. Your ears and tail twitched with overstimulation. Gaenimid was sat behind you, petting you tenderly, leaning down and cooing to you.

Several minutes later, he was laid down with you, his fur against your back, and arms around your front. Your womb only palpitated lightly, pleasantly. You rolled over and cuddled against him, your pregnancy nestled between your body and his. He sighed, holding you close and taking a deep breath of you. "You awe me, beloved child." A happy noise hummed from your throat at his words. Your face nestled against the soft fur of his neck, his powerful heart beat reverberated through you and all of the babies inside of you echoed it. You tingled with happiness as you felt five growing hearts beating inside of your womb. Their father pulled you closer to him by a paw behind your back, enjoying the palpitations of your pregnant stomach against him.

You rested there in the flowers together for the rest of the morning, cuddling and basking in each other. Gaenimid rolled you onto your back with a soft hand on your stomach, and your own hands hovered above your chest as you fluttered your eyes open. He laughed softly when he saw your eyes enlarge. "I feel the same." He told you, petting the round swell of your stomach while you stared at it. Your womb had been palpitating all throughout your rest, but with your stomach hidden against your mate, you hadn't realized how much it had grown. You looked mid term already, but with so many babies, you probably weren't really there yet.

"I c-can feel their lungs expanding and contracting, they're all breathing." You told him, smiling sheepishly behind your hands.

He hummed and smiled warmly. "See? Such a good mommy... you deserve this and more, young one." Your pulse stuttered. You wished you could move enough to lunge at him and shower him in adoration. He lifted under your knees and back and stood, carrying you in his arms, and you went right for his mouth. He let out an amused huff and indulged you in a deep kiss.

He set you down on the side of the bed and kept a hand to your chest as he fumbled through a box beside it. "I would like to show you around, if you're rested enough." He told you and you nodded, tail wagging. He smiled, and let go of you to hold up a garment with both hands; a sleeveless romper, eggshell colored cotton with intricate lace detailing, and a lettuce hem at the bottom of it's shorts. "You like it?" He asked you.

You nodded, grinning toothfully. "Pretty." You softly told him. He helped you up as he dressed you, the loose romper easily fitting over your pregnancy. You got your arms into your crutches, thankful for how they supported the weight of the litter so that your thin frame didn't have to, and followed him through the house. You stopped in your tracks, a question arising when you noticed a pile of fabrics. Moving closer to it, you saw the cotton and lace fabrics of your garment. "You made it?" You asked, and then grabbed a dark red ribbon when it caught your curiosity.

"Just for you." He spoke in an alluring rumble, his muzzle pressing at your ear. You grinned and looked up at him.

"C'mere." You told him, and his head tilted. You grasped gently at his long ears and he turned his head to grant you access. You handled them softly, petting the soft fur as you wrapped the red ribbon around them once and then tied it into a bow.

He turned back to you and smiled lopsidedly. "Do I look pretty?"

"Pretty." You nodded, pointy teeth bared in a grin.

He laughed softly and sunk to his knees and leaned down, and held your pregnant stomach with both hands. "What do you all think?" He asked, and you giggled softly. He nuzzled your stomach and you pet his head, and emit a quiet moan when the babies instinctively pushed toward him. He sighed fondly, pressing the slope of his muzzle to your stomach, before pressing kisses all the way up to your head as he stood.

You stopped him before he stood up all the way to mouth the soft fur of his neck, breathing his scent into your nose and lavishing him with your tongue. He moaned and held you closer to him, his soft body pressing comfortingly against the hard swell of your pregnancy. You were drawn into another bout of worshipping each other, he held you and moaned while you mouthed and sucked his neck, and then his nipple. Soon his large tongue parted your lips. You worked each other's mouths, and stood entangled in a deep kiss for the following hour.

You both panted as you parted, your mouth full of his saliva. His back cracked as he stretched, having hunched over your short frame for so long. The babies inside of you were thrumming with energy from being so close to their creator. You looked down at your pregnancy fondly and rubbed it, swallowing down your mate's lingering saliva. He tousled your hair, "You irresistible rascal." He smiled, and you smiled even bigger. You felt so happy, everything felt so precious.

Despite the sidetracking, he made it outside with you by mid-afternoon. His garden was tame and humble, but vast, and the further out he guided you, the more wild the verdure. You hadn't realized that there were other structures and buildings so close, as the nature had mostly overtaken them, flora entwined with wood and stone. "We'll happen upon my siblings' village if we continue this way." He told you, petting your back as he guided you.

He stopped walking, and you startled as he sunk to his knees before you. "Would you allow me to introduce you to them, lambkin?" He asked you, your dainty frame clasped gently between his hands.

You startled again at his words, and quickly shook your head. "I d-don't want to bring shame to you."

His expression faltered into a concerned frown, which deepened when you started trembling. He promptly pulled you into an embrace, "Sh-sh-sh," He cooed, "Never think that possible, dear child, I plead. I've gained nothing less than pride with you."

You trembled harder, breaking down into tears. "How... c-could... with the way you found me and, and everything you know ab-about me is shameful and everything you don't know about me is shamef-ful too, even worse-"

"I disagree." He interrupted, voice soft but tone firm. "Everything about you inspires awe in me, including your past. Including your roots."

You froze up.

"Diverting from your supposed nature as an incubus wasn't a shameful act, but a courageous one. You found your true nature. You persisted through any torment it brought you..." He pulled back slightly, wiping tears from your scarred face with his thumb. "And it led you to me. To our joining." He rested his hand on your stomach. "How could I be shamed, how could I not be proud?"

Your lip trembled, and he stopped it with a kiss. You dropped your crutches and grabbed him, and tilted your head, letting him lick deep in your throat. As soon as you parted, "I love you." You told him, your voice breathless and afraid, but heavy with feeling. He pulled you flush against him, breathing you in as if he'd been suffocating. "I love you too, everything about you, every part of you."

He pulled back and dried your tear-soaked face with his hands, "Theres the pretty child." He cooed. "Want to go back home and rest?"

You sniffled and shook your head. "N-not if you want to go see your siblings. I'm okay." You smiled. He kissed your forehead and pet your ears in happiness. He helped you back into your crutches and you staggered, blinking through a small bout of pain and holding your stomach.

"Are you certain?" Gaenimid asked with worried eyes, not yet standing.

"Mm," You answered quickly. "Tummy just hurts from crying."

"Poor baby," He rubbed your stomach, "I better not catch the other babies making it worse." He furrowed his brows and you giggled and batted his hand away, your pregnancy embraced in your thin arms. "I'll never ever let you punish them." Your small voice told him.

He laughed deeply and tousled your hair, and you both started walking. You followed him onto a stone path, and then into a humbly populated village. You saw all different types of beasts, and they did stare at you, but not in ridicule— pity at worst. You shared a smile with most. Your mate stood protectively beside you. He led you to a large wooden shanty, and you walked in after him.

"Obe?" He called out as he closed the door. "Oberon, I have someone I'd like you to meet. The rescue I had told you about, and the mother to my unborn children."

A brown satyr emerged and startled when she saw you. "Oh my... but Gany, she's so small."

"Yes," He started, and you smiled awkwardly. "But with the way the trauma modified her body, she is well able to carry the young of a larger breed, despite being small and young herself."

"Quite the survivor." Oberon remarked, "How old is she?"

"Thirteen." You told her.

"Gods..." She huffed a laugh. "Are you aware your baby daddy has several hundred years on you?"

You saw Ganymede scowl at her when you looked up at him, and you rubbed his thigh, smiling awkwardly. "That's okay." You told them. He smiled warmly and puffed air through his nose, nestling your body to his by your shoulder. You felt him heating up beneath your hand, and rested your head against him, rubbing his inner thigh.

"Don't behave as if you're not of hundreds of years yourself." Ganymede quipped with a grin.

Oberon huffed, and kneeled down to inspect a strand of your long hair, the color of it blending in with her own fur. You noticed with a feeling of sentiment and smiled moonily. "I hope some of them have brown fur l-like you." You told her, and held your pregnancy.

She reacted warmly, and reached toward your stomach. "May I?" She asked and you nodded. Her large hands clasped around your round stomach, and you moaned quietly against Ganymede as his babies reacted to the touch inside of you. "Still a weak resonance... her stomach will be awfully large by the time they're grown. Are you certain she can hold up?"

"I c-can." You answered for yourself. "I can't wait." You smiled.

She told you she'd be there to help you and the babies, and his other siblings echoed the claim when you met them. You sat beside Ganymede and laid against his fur, petting your pregnancy while he spoke with his siblings. Your eyes fluttered shut as you relaxed into him, ears focusing to the quiet murmurs in your womb. The sound of your babies almost lulled you to sleep, but you flinched back into alertness and held your stomach protectively. Your maternal instincts were too strong to allow you to sleep in a vulnerable state, despite your eyelids drooping.

"Want to go home, lambkin?" Ganymede asked, and you nodded blearily.

"May I borrow a towel?" You heard him ask his siblings.

He picked you up and wrapped you in a towel, sopping up some of your lactation and hiding the wet spots. He walked home with you cradled in his arms, the outline of your pregnant belly visible through the towel you were wrapped in. You sleepily kissed and lapped at his fur as he carried you.

He set you down inside his home and undressed you, supporting you so you could stand. He guided you into bed, and you moaned in relief, cuddling the blankets. He stepped outside for a moment to hang your garment up on the clothesline.

You instinctively cuddled up to him the moment he laid beside you, half-asleep already. You got close enough that your pregnancy was pressed to him, craving that specific contact. You emit a whimper when he moved you onto your back. You felt his cock press against your entrance and you twitched, and he spread your legs and slid his big cock inside of you.

You moaned, eyes squeezed shut, and hugged one of the pillows while he humped you. Your eyebrows slanted up, and your hands twitched on the pillow. You were panting by the time he ejaculated, and his load poured through you; filling your fallopian tubes, gagging you, and then spurting out of your nose. You opened your mouth and heaved in a breath, semen pouring out of the corners of your mouth. You moved back onto your side and tucked your knees in, your body curling around the pillow you hugged. He pet your trembling back, your tail tucked between your legs and your ears folded down.

"Sorry baby." He whispered and kissed your head, laying down to spoon your back. You murmured sleepily, and he wrapped an arm around your pregnant belly.

You awoke before dawn, holding your stomach and trying to suppress your moans while your womb stretched. Your stomach was so big and hard, mountainous on your frail frame and rising even more with the babies' growth spurt. You held it in your arms, tenderly and motherly. Lactation leaked thickly from all of your nipples, and cum left from earlier leaked thickly from your mouth and between your legs.

You looked up at Ganymede's soft, sleeping face. You touched it lovingly, then moved up further on the bed, and embraced him in your thin arms. His muzzle was nestled against your flat chest, and his heart beat against your pregnancy. You guided his mouth to your nipple, and moaned quietly when he instinctively suckled. You pet his head and your pregnant stomach, softly whimpering while he drank from you. After he drank down all the milk from that nipple, you gently guided his mouth to another. You felt his stomach distend slightly against your thin leg, filling with your milk. You licked his head affectionately.

His head laid down on your chest and his arm over your stomach, laying on his own. You embraced the massive beast as he nestled against you and his babies inside of you. You fell back to sleep, your stomach enlarged and your milk drained.

You woke up with the sun, and Ganymede drinking from you again. You moaned contentedly, and pet his big head. Even though his head rested on your chest, you could see your pregnant stomach sticking up behind it.

Your heavy stomach plopped down onto the mattress as you turned onto your side, nestling your face into the pillow and blanket sleepily. Ganymede's large hands gripped you as he continued suckling your nipple. "You have the most delectable breast milk, beloved child... our young will grow strong with it." He told you.

You smiled and pet his head. "Th-they already feel really strong... they're so big and heavy." You told him, your soft voice full of mirth.

He moaned and kissed your stomach. "Your pregnancy is my highest pleasure, my love, you'll be such a doting mother, I can already see it." His words filled your heart with warmth. He got up out of bed soon after and you sat at the edge of it, your big stomach squishing your lap and embraced in your thin arms. You pet it lovingly and trembled as their heavy bodies moved around inside of your womb.

Your mate held his thick arm out for you, and you gripped it and struggled to your feet. Your knees wobbled, a mixture of cum and discharge leaking out from between your legs. You fell against him with a moan as one of the babies moved to turn over. Both of your thin arms wrapped around his one as your thin legs shook.

He patiently rubbed your back, giving you several minutes to adjust to the weight of all of the babies inside of you. He gazed over your awkward frame, admiring it. "Your maternal body is so beautiful, your hips have even widened through the night, preparing to birth..." He rumbled as he trailed his large hand down your torso. Your hips had widened by a couple inches, increasing the space between your thin thighs, preparing for the babies to emerge from there.