"Our next toy would be our youngest, thirteen years old and fully trained."

The slave auctioneer introduced you to the bidders, and then your trainer walked you out to be showcased. Saliva dripped from your mouth and lubrication dripped from your cunt, you knew your trainer was hard and you fought back the urge to hump his leg.

"Her measurements are as follows. Height, 60 inches. Chest, 16 inches. Hips, 17 inches. Thigh, 7 inches. She will not grow any further, aside from that her hips would widen for childbirth. She does not grow body hair, and her tail has been removed to resemble a human child. Being severely thin, she may appear fragile, but please allow the demonstration to prove otherwise before the bidding commences."

Your trainer picked you up and laid you out on the cushioned table, and you kept your arms tucked in, your hands hovering above the pink bow tied around your flat chest. You could see the crowd of beasts through your peripheral vision, but your eyes stayed on your trainer, who was taking out his cock for you. You sighed quietly with relief as his cock slid inside of you; your wet, pliant cunt taking it all the way into your womb. Your cervix had been destroyed as one of the first steps in making your body suited to the pleasure of much larger creatures.

"It's to be noted that this toy has been mindbroken more severely by the training regimen due to her young age, which lead to poor muscle control and a misalignment between her eyes directional capabilities. Due to these defects we will not be creating any other true child toys in the future."

"Now," The slave auctioneer spoke, and your trainer moved to tie a blindfold around your head and wipe your drool. "Please begin placing your bids, the starting price is a hundred US dollars."

While you were bid on, your trainer's hand and arm slid inside of you and cleaned the cum out of you for your new owner. A hundred dollars was both the starting bid and the winning bid, and you were brought to your feet. Your trainer guided you to the buyer with his large hands clasped over your narrow shoulders. You limped slightly from the brutal penetration, but continued to walk servilely.

You were stopped, and the ribbon was untied from your flat chest. "How cute." A deep voice said, and you shuddered with the reverberation. Calloused fingers pressed around your nipples, and a noise roused from your throat as they were pinched and prodded. Your trainer's hands left your shoulders, and your owner's hands closed around your hips, and pulled you toward him. You stumbled blindly before his knee pushed between your thighs, and you dropped onto straddle his thick thigh, your bare cunt against his fur. You shuddered and leaked a damp spot onto it in your excitement. A thick string of saliva leaked out of your mouth as you started to hump him.

Your blindfold was finally removed and you blinked languidly as your eyes focused back. You finally saw your owner, a massive satyr with large curvy horns and chestnut colored fur. His broad body was all around you, and your eyes focused on his lap and remained there when you saw his monstrously large cock. You stared and moaned, panting as you humped him. You looked up at his face, which was staring right back at your much less graceful one.

He grabbed you under your arms, and you were docile as he pulled you closer to him, and then your mouth to his. He held you against him and kissed you deeply, sliding his tongue into your mouth, and you happily yielded. You moaned muffledly as he salivated inside of your mouth, humping him whorishly and leaking copiously onto his thigh. He rumbled his approval into your mouth, holding you in his thick arms as you came. He parted from you and your face slid down him. You trembled and panted, laying bonelessly in his lap, and continued to worship him with kisses to his chest. As soon as you caught your breath you uncontrollably started humping him again.

You heard a man make a noise somewhere beside you and tried to look, but the second you turned your owner landed a powerful right hook to the side of your face. You collapsed back down on his lap with the impact, moaning as your brain shook in your skull. You hugged onto him and kept humping his leg.

He grabbed your jaw and lifted your dumb, bruised face into his vision. You trembled, and his other hand came up and slapped you heavily across the face. You moaned, and pressed your face into his hard hand.

"Ease up on her, Caprius, she hasn't done anything-" The man who made the noise spoke.

"Silence." Your owner interrupted. "It is none of your concern how I handle my slave."

His fist closed around your neck, and then his other fist landed blow after blow to your face. You were almost straddling him, hovering slightly due to his hold on your neck. You hung from his fist limply, unthinking, until the beating ended. You fell spineless when he stopped, drooling and bruised, your eyes offset even worse than normal. You laid against him, panting and whimpering, crowd people's voices murmuring around you.

You felt his monstrous cock erect against your abdomen and instinctively brought your hand to it and rubbed it, earning a pleasant grumble from your owner.

You sat up as best as you could, your bare cunt pressed to his massive ballsack. You held his cock and bounced your wet cunt up and down on his balls. Pre-cum oozed from the tip and you moaned and picked it all up, and then shoved the thick substance inside of you. Your owner pet your head approvingly and you moaned. You cradled his bulbous balls, and then pushed them up into you. He moaned deeply as soon as they were inside and you smiled, saliva leaking from your mouth.

Seated on his lap with his balls inside of you, you pumped his cock and pressed your face to his chest and sucked on his nipple.

You felt his cock pulse and flinched when he pulled you off of him and then dropped your to the floor, landing on your knees and between his legs. He pulled your mouth onto his cock and you moaned, eagerly sucking and slobbering all over it.

He pressed you down until the head of his cock was in your throat, and then he let go, and came thickly into your stomach. You twitched in orgasm as your stomach was filled up with your owner's sperm.

He took you off of his cock and let you fall to the floor, lying between his feet.

You stared up at him blurrily, drooling as you gazed over your owner's broad, thick body and his brutal fists. He hadn't even taken you home from the slavehold yet and you were already disfigured and aching inside and out from his strength. You flinched as his foot lifted above you, and then rested on your stomach, which was bloated with his cum.

As you braced yourself he lifted his foot and then stomped down hard. You spasmed and choked as his cum gushed out of your mouth and cunt. He kept stomping on you until your stomach was empty and bruised on it's surface.

When you came back into awareness the sole of his shoe was rubbing at your mouth and chest, getting dirt on your skin, and you licked it and suckled on the tip. You moaned when his other foot kicked your crotch, and then the tip of his shoe pushed at your entrance, and slid in. You spasmed and hugged the foot that you were sucking on as his other one fucked you, moaning depravedly.

Your owner laughed darkly as he watched you; your face and stomach marred with brown bruising; your face, chest, and crotch dirtied by his shoes; your cunt stretched wide around his foot; and still moaning like a good whore as the sole of his shoe rubbed dirt into your womb.

Your head dropped back as he landed a harsh kick to the back of your womb.

Your mouth leaked copious amounts of saliva, your eyes rolled back into your head, and your eyelids fluttered as he kicked your womb over and over. The pain took hold of your body and you moaned in the throes of both an orgasm and a seizure.

You were empty when your seizing had subsided enough for conscious thought, but you were in severe pain, and crying unwittingly. You trembled and panicked, rubbing your face on the floor to get rid of the tears so that your owner couldn't see. Fear shot through you as you felt his large hands grab you and you were lifted off the floor.

Back in his lap, fear shook your frail, battered frame; but he was only holding you. You flinched when his hand moved toward your face. His thumb stroked the lower lip of your leaking mouth, and then entered it, and you sucked instinctively.

"Are you going to return her?" The other man asked.

"No," Your owner told him, letting your mouth go and grabbing your thin arms, pulling them to rest on his shoulders. You laid against his front, your thin legs in his lap. "I find her body attractive, and it potentials to be useful."

Your eyes closed. You were pale from the intense pain, sweating and sick from ingesting the dirt from his shoes; but your owners warm body against yours, and his scent against your nose comforted you. Scenting his shirt felt like scenting your old favorite blanket, and you sucked your thumb as you calmly breathed against it. You relaxed into his firm warmth.

He stood up with you in his arms, and walked to the slave registry.

"Here is the outfitting form, please ask me any questions you have about the options." A minotaur working at the registry told him, handing him a packet. As he handed it to your owner, he traded you off for it, unceremoniously depositing you into the worker's arms. You were carried for a few moments, and then tossed into a stall, the door slamming shut. You pulled yourself onto, and then curled up on the wooden bench.

The minotaur returned with washing supplies, and turned you over, sitting beside where you laid and reaching to scrub the dirt off of your face. You winced as the washcloth pressed at the tender, bruised area. He cleaned downward; your neck, chest, stomach, then crotch. "Remember how much I used to fuck you, little one?" You trembled and nodded.

He spread your legs and rubbed the wet washcloth over your cunt and then pushed into it, the minotaur's hand and arm with it. You moaned as he cleaned the dirt off of your vaginal walls, then slowly rubbed it into your womb, ridding that of it's grime. Your saliva formed a puddle around your head as the minotaur gently rubbed your abused womb.

You felt some sort of pressure subside within you, and when he removed his hand you felt emptier than you had even before it had penetrated you. You shrunk back as the minotaur leaned over you, but moaned when he soothingly licked your bruised face. His tongue slid into your mouth, and you moaned and sucked the large, wet muscle. His back hunched, and then you felt the pulsing head of his cock rubbing at the surface of your sopping wet cunt.

You moaned and spread your legs wide for him, ready for that massive cock that you had known every contour of for half of your life. His cock squelched with your wetness as he slid into you, his gigantic cock fitting just right in your loose cunt. You let out a shuddering moan as your womb was filled just so by his cock, smiling and drooling.

He humped you vigorously straightaway, his body heavy on top of you, pounding your womb with abandon. Pre-cum spurted out of his cock and splashed around your womb as he fucked you. You hugged him, moaning continuously as his body collided with yours, and the head of his cock collided with the back of your womb, over and over again. You smiled deliriously, your crossed eyes staring far up at nothing.

His hips stilled and his massive, heavy body laid fully on your small, scrawny one. His cock pulsated intensely, jumping and pulsing in your womb as if it were a separate living creature to the one on top of you. A thick reservoir of semen poured into you from his cock, filled up your womb to the brim, and then rushed through your fallopian tubes. Your head lolled to the side and your tongue lolled out of your drooling mouth; your eyelids fluttered rapidly, and your eyes went white. Your limp body twitched beneath the powerful beast as your eggs were submerged in his seed.

"Consider that a gift to remember me by." He rumbled, "As your stomach grows heavy with pregnancy, as your hips widen for birthing, remember who those babies inside of you belong to. Who your virginity has always belonged to. Who you truly belong to."

Saliva foamed from your mouth as several embryos formed in your womb. Then you were full of slimy fetuses, pregnant with seven of the minotaur's boars. Cum oozed out of your cunt, puddling under your thin thighs.

Dimly you noticed his hand entering you, scooping out the rest of his cum. He left for a minute, and then returned and outfitted you. He roped you in shibari, around your shoulders, four thick horizontal lines of rope down your chest, then two vertical lines of rope down from there, wrapping around your stomach and then pelvis. He attached a shock collar around your neck, and then used the extra rope by your shoulders to wrap around your neck and conceal it. He pulled it a little further, and then tied the rope to itself, leaving extra to serve as a leash.

The minotaur pulled your leash and walked out of the stall, and you mindlessly crawled after him, dripping saliva and vaginal fluid. Your owner retrieved his lamebrained, beaten, impregnated child slave. You were manhandled into a body bag, and you finally left the slavehold. The movement of the body bag as you were carried and the greasy boars inside of your womb made you feel so nauseous, your pale bruised skin was covered in sweat.

For a while, you drifted in and out of sleep, but you were wide awake when the bag opened and you were dumped onto the floor. All at once your owner mounted you from behind, and plunged his monstrous cock into you. Your fell limp, pain coursing through you, your already loose cunt overwhelmed by his cock. The floor against your face muffled your moans, and your vision was faltering, fuzzy black spots obscuring it.

Pain coursed through your body, from your pelvis up, with each thrust. He humped you relentlessly, grunting and growling menacingly. Your bony body was shunted into the hard floor repeatedly while your owner fucked your womb.