You leaned on a crutch and fumbled through your dresser, deciding upon a vintage romper, eggshell colored with lace detailing. It was sleeveless and really short, but it was nearly summer, even someone as scrawny as you didn't need much clothing. You were worried about your arms, though. You didn't like to be without sleeves in school, as you worried that the scars marring your arms drew attention. You bit your lip swollen mulling over all of the things that you thought your classmates might say.

Heaving a sigh, you popped a Xanax and decided to not care about it. You'd look weirder dressed warm in the heat anyway. You moved to your desk and shoved your books into your bag, and grabbed your other crutch and slid your arm into it. You walked out into the hallway, "Leaving." You told your father, keeping your voice quiet incase he was hungover. Not expecting a response, you headed out the door. Walking down the pathway to the sidewalk, you stumbled, and felt your brain throttle in your skull.

You felt large hands close around your limbs and dizzily opened your eyes, finding yourself faced with a metal crate that you were being pushed into. You tensed, almost froze, but managed to stay alert enough to kick at the offending man and push against him. Your feeble body failed you, though, and the stranger easily shoved you into the crate. You yelped in pain when a thick needle was stabbed into your thin thigh. Fluid was slowly injected into you, and your limbs sagged, and your breath slowed. The crate closed, you curled up inside of it. Your eyes fluttered shut, heat expanding within you, and saliva leaked from the corners of your mouth.

Soon you were drenched in saliva, sweat, and blood- all of your own. Your hazed eyes fluttered slowly, and the man apprehending you tilted back your chin, making you drink something from a bottle. The other spread your thin legs, his hands clasped fully around each thigh. Both men were particularly large, and you sagged into the broader of the two's lap. He huffed a laugh, shoving a clear and white tube into your dripping vagina. You flinched slightly as the large object pushed past your hymen, and your head lolled to the side, your cheek against hard denim.

You made a noise of contentment as the middle-aged man pet your hair almost tenderly, but grew fearful as the older one shoved the injector against the back of your canal, sounding disgruntled by it. "Use the jet." The man above you told him as he took a big metal injector from his coat. He slid it in alongside the other, and you moaned against your captor's thigh. A loud metal whirr filled the truck and you yelped, biting down as your cervix was drilled and broken open.

"Fucker bit me-" The man above you barked and grabbed your face in his large hand, slamming your head down on the metal surface beneath. Your eyelids fluttered beneath his palm and saliva poured from your uncovered mouth. You moaned as the device was shunted into your womb, clamoring and scraping as the drill didn't cease. "Come on, we can't buy any time with this shit."

"I'm losing the drill, keep the kid down." He told him, and your frail wrists were given two leather straps and joined behind your head. You turned your head to the side to get your saliva out, moaning depravedly, convulsions rolling through you as the white injector was pushed further into your womb. When it was pumped, a thick liquid oozed into your womb from the tip. His bare, calloused hand was pressed against your smooth, drenched crotch as his other pumped the injector fervorously. The leather of his glove creaked with each push.

As your womb filled with semen from the plastic tube, it began to fill up your fallopian tube as well, coating your deepest membranes with seed. You shuddered, your resounding moan breaking as your womb was impregnated, your once concave stomach distending with the load you were given.

Cum soothed your insides as the drill continued to vibrate in your womb, bumping the chamber's walls. Your eyes' pupils spiraled, your stomach bulging and denting with every movement of the man impregnating you and the drill tearing you apart.

You felt something hard press on your stomach and heard a single beep, and whimpered as an injector was shoved into your stretched canal alongside the others. It entered your womb with a squelch, and a second load of semen was poured into you with one smooth push. Your fertilized ovaries pulsed, and your stomach distended further from your small frame as you drooled thickly.

Your uterus felt large and full, and your mind empty, all coherent thought had left you. Only some endured in the very back of your mind, most being of maternity. You heard a high pitched noise, and the man between your scrawny legs grunted, "That's five liters and it's still in it's first trimester." Your stomach was groped in the man's large hands, and you moaned as he pressed his clothed pelvis to yours, pushing the tools deeper into your womb.

"You going to try?" The other man asked. He tittered, "I'm older than that dusty crate you're sitting on, that wouldn't do anything."

The other scoffed, "Well you used up all the enhanced sperm on it, and you were enough of a sadistic bastard to get hard off this." The device and injectors were slipped from your gaping cunt, blood and semen pouring out with it. As you were emptied the fetuses in your womb became tangible, and your eyes fluttered hazily. "Couldn't help it," The old man remarked, holding your hips in his hands and spreading your legs wider to accommodate his. "These birthing hips it's got now..."

You flinched as the blunt head of the old man's cock pressed into your open cunt, the flesh feeling foreign. "Don't worry kid, he can't hurt you." The other man muttered, pushing his shoe against your forehead. You moaned, drooling a puddle onto the floor as his cock moved past your broken cervix and deep into your womb. He laid down on top of you, nudging his hips to get as deep as possible, the head of his cock pressing at the back of your uterus.

You moaned beneath his heavy body as his hips undulated, his cock rubbing inside of your womb, and his lips pressed to yours. He worked your inexperienced mouth, salivating inside of it. You swallowed down his saliva, moaning muffledly as he came. Your eyes rolled back into your head, his tip pressed against your uterine tube and his cum jetting directly into it. He pressed his hips harder against you as he gave you the last pulses of his load, and you moaned desperately as the head of his cock penetrated the tube.

Your stomach pressed against his as the fetuses grew rapidly inside of you, and he pulled out with thick glops of cum leaking from your destroyed cunt, and a thick string of saliva separating your mouths. You convulsed, moaning whorishly, saliva foaming from your mouth as your womb gestated the infants inside of it. Your pregnant belly was mountainous on your small frame, looking almost as if you were ready to birth, and pain rolled through your hips and torso as if you were contracting. Indentations rolled through the flesh of your abdomen as the babies moved around inside of you, and your sweaty wrists slipped from their restraints as your hands darted down to hold your stomach.

"Mm, now that's a mommy." One of your captors rumbled, his shoe against your cheek, pushing your head against the floor. "Get up, onto your knees." He demanded with a kick to the side of your skull. You moaned in pain, and tossed your head to the side, licking the underside of his boot. When you caressed his leg, he dragged you to him by it, and pulled you up to your knees by your throat.

His cock entered your mouth, and you moaned tiredly, your empty gaze staring down toward the blurry shadows in your womb. You pet his thick thighs, sucking servilely, slobbering over the front of his jeans. The device pressed to your stomach beeped angrily, sparks flying from it, burning your flesh and electrocuting you as it shorted out. You seized, held up by the massive hand behind your head as your mouth was fucked mercilessly.

Cider colored goo was smeared onto your stomach, and then another device rubbed it into your flesh. Your eyes rolled back into your head and saliva poured out around your captor's cock, your ovaries throbbing as your babies grew. You caught view of the monitor as your older captor rubbed your pregnancy, and you moaned muffledly, your heart fluttering.

He moved the device all around your belly, and the amount of infants inside of you appeared endless to you, seeing a different one with every movement of his hand. Your other captor held your face to his pelvis, and ejaculated hard into your stomach. You remained submissive after he let go of you, staying put as he came. Semen escaped your open cunt with a rush of fluid, and your eyes fluttered blearily.

Your older captor moved behind you, cupping your flat chest with his calloused hands, and rubbing one down over the curve of your pregnancy. You moaned, leaning back into him, and he slipped his erection into you. "The experiment appears successful, tell the lab head." He directed the other, his voice soft and low. He muttered in agreement, placing an container in front of you. The old man kept his hold on your chest, and bent you over the cold metal of the open container. You moaned quietly in submissive contentment as he fucked you, and he pumped your nipples with his hands, milking you into the bucket.

You wandered in and out of consciousness, feeling every thrust and ejaculation of your captor through as he massaged your chest, the bucket beneath you filling to the top with your milk. When he pulled out you twitched slightly and tried to turn, but your pregnant stomach bumped into him. He tittered and held it, and you moaned, tilting your head up to his larger one. You kissed him, and his tongue licked and probed at your lips. You moaned as the wet muscle filled your mouth, and he pulled you as close to him as he could with your pregnancy in the way. Your heart beat calm and rhythmically with your babies', and your captor's.

The infants moved forward in your womb and you whimpered, leaning against the old man for support. He held underneath your scrawny arms, standing you up on wobbling legs. Finding you were unable to support yourself at all, he moved behind you, holding you with a muscular arm around your chest and a calloused palm beneath your crotch. Your other captor approached with a white tag on a metal ring, and another device clasped around the tip of your right ear and pierced the thin flesh there with a yelp springing from your mouth, and worked your legs into your romper, the old man moving your arms into the sleeve holes as they dressed you.

A thick fluid rose through your throat and you heaved, and men around you moved swiftly, holding a container under your mouth as a cider colored goop oozed from it. You moaned, your head drooping downward before a hard hand landed on it, securing a clear mask to your face.

Heady pheromones invaded your airways as you breathed and you moaned, blinking slowly as your eyelids began to feel more heavy, you immediately knew they were that of your babies' sire. The infants all responded, and you held your pregnancy, moaning continuously as fluid leaked from your cunt. Your ovaries throbbed and you craved desperately more cock inside of you, for more semen coating your ovaries. You grasped at the men apprehending you desperately, pressing your bulbous pregnancy to the closest one, and your drool leaked out from under the medical mask and dripped thickly.

The back of the truck opened and they guided you along out of it on awkward legs. You were a moaning, whimpering mess and vaginal fluid was leaking down your thin legs and onto the ground as you were walked into daylight. Your eyes were crossed, vision blurry, as you tried to move with the several, heavy infants roaming your womb. There were men all around you then, dressed in medical equipment, and they gaped at the sight of you. "The new subject is in it's third trimester, we need to get it to it's bull." Your captors spoke to one another over your labored breath, and metal doors noisily opened.

You were taken through a metal building before another set of doors opened, then closed after your mask was removed and you were shunted to the ground. You whimpered, and the floor thudded beneath your small frame. Your eyes unfocused as you breathed in, and you looked up from the floor, your chest fluttering as your eyes laid upon the monstrous beast approaching you. He stood like a man, yet looked nothing like one, covered in thick chestnut colored fur and two dark horns nearly half the size of your entire body decorated his temples. His cock was covered in that same fur, massive and erect, and he growled from a distance, beginning to circle you as you fumbled to remove your romper.

You struggled getting it down over your pregnant stomach, and the moment you got it down to your knees, the bull was mounting you on the floor. His massive hands gripped you and you moaned in ecstasy as his wooly cock slid inside of your dripping cunt. Your pelvis stretched wide with his entry, and the amniotic sac inside of your womb was pushed forward, distending your stomach even further as the beast's cock entered your womb. You moaned and grinned deliriously as his pre-ejaculate filled you, and gripped his thick horns as his broad hips pistoned against your narrower ones.

Your legs were spread obscenely wide for him, your knees hooked over his thighs. You loved everything about his body, his scent, his fur against your pale, wet flesh. You knew the heavy infants inside of you belonged to him, the fur of his cock feeling more similar to their texture the more wet it became.

You were limp in his hands as he pounded you, drooling copious amounts of saliva and moaning deliriously. You were having your first full contraction, your enlarged womb filled with and your ovaries submerged in your mate's pre-cum. Your head was lolled to the side, your tongue peeking out of your open, drooling mouth as he fucked you while your body labored with the oncoming birth of his children, and you felt nothing but pleasure.

This was your purpose, you thought, your hazy eyes staring up at your mate's large, sloped face. You were salivating like a broken dam, vaginal fluid flowed out of you around his cock, and your eyes were empty and glazed as you moaned and panted beneath your mate's guttural growls. He kept his eyes locked onto yours, his cock sliding up your fallopian tube and hitting your ovaries with each thrust.

He pushed his hips flush to yours, crushing you to the ground, and his wooly cock ejaculated a thick stream of sperm into your ovarian tube, your pulsating eggs soaking in his potent seed before your entire body was flooded with it. You convulsed; It flooded your womb, stomach, and throat and you moaned brokenly, loudly as the thick white cum poured out of your mouth.

He sat on his haunches, his cock still sheathed inside of you, and his massive hand held your swelling stomach as his litter grew even larger in your womb. Convulsions wracked your sweaty frame, your eyes crossed and your head hung back as semen and saliva flowed from your open mouth.

The infants lowest in your womb pressed urgently at your pelvis, and you whimpered and looked up at your the massive mound of your pregnancy. You pet the underside of it, hoping to comfort your babies. Your stomach was hard to the touch, bulging mountainously off your small body. You held it protectively, panting as the monster's young squirmed inside and kicked and punched the walls of your full womb, making smaller bulges and indentations as they did.

He slowly pulled his hips back, the head of his cock leaving your womb, and you moaned brokenly as the amniotic sac containing his offspring pushed through your destroyed cervix with it. You spread your spindly legs even wider, ready to birth for him, but cried in agony as his cock slammed back into your womb and halted the birthing process as he hilted his cock in your ovarian tube yet again.

Your body rocked back and forth on it's own, trying to bear down for his offspring but unwittingly fucking itself on his monstrous cock. He stilled you with one hand around your hips, and curled over you. He licked your face with his large tongue, replacing your tears and sweat with his saliva, and licked your tongue where it hung out of your mouth. You opened your mouth wider for him and moaned muffledly his big, wet tongue filled your mouth.

You suckled on the wet muscle as it slid down your throat, licking inside. You pet his head and ears softly as he thrusted shallowly inside your laboring body. He begun to thrust more deeply, growling against your face as his cock nudged your ovaries with each movement. You laid submissively beneath the monster's heavy body, moaning languidly as he tongued and humped you.

The movement of the infants inside of your womb was tangible to both of you, your heavily pregnant stomach pressed beneath his midriff. Your eyes remained open, blinking slowly, staring moonily into the black eyes of the monster's sloped face as he salivated in your mouth and you drank it down, your body contentedly yielding to any and all of your mate's essence.

Until he released your mouth, and ejaculated a thick stream of sperm into your overworked eggs, filling your entire body with seed. Your survival instincts had you babbling unintelligibly, mindlessly pleading for your life and bodily integrity as his offspring grew even larger inside of your pulsating, brimming womb.

He sat back and pet your stomach as it grew too large for even the colossal beast to mount you. Your chest heaved as you sobbed, laying in a puddle of his semen and your own saliva as both poured generously from your mouth. The beast's large hand gripped your upper torso and squeezed, and you moaned as lactation spurted thickly from your nipples, white swirls of your milk adding to the puddle beneath your trembling body.

You moaned in relief as he slipped his cock from your gaping cunt, and the amniotic sac lowest in your womb began to move into your canal through your open and destroyed cervix. Your body instinctively bore down for it as it did, straining to birth as the babies inside of you rigorously thumped and beat the inside of your womb, the internal movement visible on the surface of your massive and bulging stomach.

You spread your legs even wider for them, made doable by the monster's cock opening and widening your hips even further than your pregnancy had done. You were flat on the floor, your eyes gazing up at the ceiling but crossed and unseeing, vaginal fluid poured from between your scrawny legs and you moaned mindlessly as your body worked through it's first birth.

The amniotic sac made it to the bottom of your stretched canal, cream colored and peeking out of the gaping hole between your pale legs, and your moan keened in pitch as it forced itself out even further. Your face went paler than ever, head tilted back and emitting whimpering moans as the infant's containment sac hung half out of your destroyed cunt, stretched far beyond recognition.

The infant was larger than anything your feeble body could have been prepared to birth, the sac still partially in your womb despite being half out of you, and your instincts of maternity warred with those of survival as you writhed and rocked. The monster's large hands curled around your wide birthing hips, his thumbs against the sides of your bulging stomach, and pressed down.

Your boyish lips parted in a soundless scream as the amniotic sac surged out of your canal with a rush of liquid and the second-born's immediately followed, before the third quickly moved down your womb. You emit quiet, shocked moans, your traumatized body rising and falling with your heaving breaths, your stomach barely shrunken as bruises formed on the surface from the countless restless infants inside.

Despite their restlessness you remained placid, broken by emotional and physical shock as your body worked the third infant down past your canal. Your empty gaze kept still as the beast cleaned his offspring, each a fourth of your size out from their curled position, and laid them down against each side of your flat chest to latch their mouths onto your nipples and feed.