Your name was Isiah.

You had a simple looking body, at most. You were flat in all of the areas that most others had sexually appealing characteristics; your chest, your crotch, and your bottom. In general you had a scrawny, quite pathetic look to you. You stood at about 5 feet.

Your eyes were round and your iris pale gold, your skin pale white, your hair pale blonde and it hung low on your narrow shoulders. Your pale blonde brows were thick on your brow bone. You had a flat nose, upturned, and your light brown freckles saturated around it. In your mouth were two rows of white, sharp, pointed teeth.

You usually kept your most interesting bits hidden: your wings. Six of them, light and fluffy, most of them large and long. The pair that were on your head, your ears, were smaller than the rest; about the size of your hands. You usually kept them folded down, the color letting them blend somewhat into your hair.

The rest of the four were nearly always hidden. You kept them folded up small inside of your ribcage and only let them out of your back when you needed them. That wasn't completely true, though, sometimes you took them out when you played with Baafo; she liked them.

Baafo was almost your cat. She behaved like a cat. Whenever you would speak about her to humans you would tell them that she's a cat and they wouldn't question. She was about the size of a cat. She looked... somewhat like a cat... if you squinted. She wasn't as opaque. She was gray in color. Her head was round and slightly misshapen. She had a quadruped body with stubby legs. She didn't have fur like a cat, her body felt like smooth stone. Her face was very simple, glowing black dots for eyes toward the top, and a glowing black mouth toward the bottom that smiled almost always. It was said to you that the moment you came into being, she appeared; and she had stayed near you ever since.

As Baafo had given herself to you, you were about to give yourself to a demon.. lord.... well, no. Baafo was innocent. What you were about to do wasn't.

You used your archangelic power to form yourself a vagina in your groin, and two pink nipples on your chest; you preferred to keep a balance between feminine and masculine body parts when you did this. You created a flat male chest, a vagina, a mixed reproductive system, and a clitoris that was capable of ejaculation. The aforementioned clitoris was technically a phallus, and you sometimes made it look like so, but this time you kept it as a small flat nub.

Your power was limited in your current state, and you knew that after doing this you'd be drained, unable to use it to protect yourself from the demon. You were at ease with that, still nearly omnipotent, and the mind-altering of your pact to him would be tolerable as long as you had your side of the trade.

You wore a skin tight, black, floral lace catsuit. It covered from the top of your neck to the tips of your fingers and toes. You didn't wear anything under it, your pink nipples and pert cunt visible beneath the thin, sheer fabric.

You dumped your belt collection onto the floor of your apartment, and stood in front of the mirror as you fastened thick black leather belts onto your upper torso; three belts from your left shoulder to under your right armpit, and then two belts across the opposite side, and then one wrapped around your neck. A demon lord might look at a summoning from even a weakened seraph as a death trap, so you used your belts as a sort of strait-jacket for your wings. You thought him seeing a high ranking angel weakened and bound might increase the chance of your offering being accepted, instead.

You lit your circle of candles on the floor, one by one, until the sigil glow fiery red and embers floated outward from it. You sat before it with your knees to your chest and waited, clutching the lighter and swiftly relighting any candles that blew out. Heavy wind was rushing out of the door to the netherworlds and around your apartment, making Baafo mow and skitter into the laundry room. You stood up, gaze staring down at the door as the wind blew aggressively through your hair and ears.

When Faerhorál emerged your chest fluttered in shock and relief, but you cowed back once his hulking frame stood over you. His chin was pointed, jaw wide, and the top of his face rose into a high narrow point. He had fiery red eye-shaped holes, but his face was vacant of any other features.  His horns were ink black and thick, stretching back and then far upward into sharp points. They were the same material as the rest of his rough exterior, which resembled the bark of a burnt tree. It spiked out of his shoulders and thickly on back. He was over twice your height, and his body was menacingly broad. Fire glowed from his eyes and back, embers floating out from him and elegantly into the air.

You tremored as his large clawed finger pressed under your jaw, lifting your chin to the side and inspecting your wing ears. "Hm... what would a little thing like you want from me?" He rumbled, and you hiccuped as his claw trailed up your crotch from between your thin thighs. You spent a moment struggling back to your composure through your fear.

"I want you to share your power with me." You told him, and his fiery interior burned down at you from his eyes. "I offer a full pact."

Faerhorál pressed a massive claw to your forehead, widthways, and the exoskeleton peeled off of his finger. His fiery interior seared a raw, burnt gash into your forehead and your mind flooded with heat, drool bubbling up and escaping from your mouth. You choked as his massive hand pressed at your chest, the exoskeleton back over it, and he pushed you back; you walking backward with him walking forward. He grabbed your shoulder and pushed you down to the floor.

He lifted your arms up and fastened them together with one of your belts, and then looped it over the handle of your radiator. He spread your scrawny legs apart and belted your thigh to your calf on each. Your stomach was churning in fear. His stare bore down on your frail, bound body; your arms stretched high above your head and your legs kept wide apart, your wings kept in, your throat constricted.

He slowly dropped his embers onto the crotch of your bodysuit and burnt a hole in it, singing the lips of your pussy with it. He pushed three clawed fingers into your cunt, and you moaned as they scraped your walls. He slowly pulled his exoskeleton back and you screamed in agony as his fiery hand scorched open your cunt, drool pouring from the corners of your mouth. You bucked your hips up eagerly and your burnt cunt gaped when he pulled his fiery hand out from it. You moaned as agonizing throbs, starting from your cunt and traveling all the way up, rolled through your body repeatedly.

The demon lord unsheathed his cock and drool dripped thickly down your chin and under your collar. It was as dark and bark-like as the rest of his hulking frame, branchlike veins creeped up from the base, and it was monsterously large; you stared at the mass of it in awe. The upper half of his wide girth dropped heavily onto your stomach. He pulled his hips back slowly, and encased your narrow hips in his massive claws, before shoving his cock to the back of your gaping cunt. An agonized scream ripped from you at the stabbing, and then again when a thick jet of his cum scorched your cervix open. He pushed his massive, punishing cock to the back of your womb.

Your head fell back and your saliva foamed from your mouth, irises rolling back and leaving your eyes white; you came hard against his pelvis. His reservoir of searing hot cum filled your womb and canal, marring your inner tissue black and burnt. He thrusted deeply, his massive cock pulling half out of you and then deep into your womb.

You felt it all not only in your body, but in your head as well. Your eyes came back forward and you moaned in ecstasy, your pact sealed with your new owner. Faerhorál growled with lust as he continued to use your destroyed pussy, his molten fire incessantly ejaculating inside of you as his glowing eye holes stared upon your face. Your skin looked drained of life, your expression that of a whore utterly broken, and his mark was blackened into your forehead.

He pressed his broad hips flush to your narrow ones, and a moan hummed from your closed lips as you bucked against him, enjoying the rough head of his cock rubbing inside of your womb. He kept you doing this for some time, your hips encased in his massive hands, your writhing body clad in black lace and bound in black leather.

He continued until he had his fill, and pulled out of your scorched cunt. He unbound your arms and legs, and brought you to your feet. Your legs shook with struggle, and his semen poured out from between your thin thighs.

He gripped you before you could collapse, and you moaned as you were pulled to his hard body. You ground against him hungrily, the exoskeleton peeled half off of his face, and he pressed to your mouth. His searing fire traveled down your throat with his tongue and you moaned around the intrusion, eyes fluttering closed. He was hunched over you and your thin arms were wrapped around his neck when your hands began to burn, fire erupting from them as his powers grew within you.

He let you go and you looked at your burning hand and flexed your fingers, your pointed teeth baring in a grin. When you let the flames extinguish, your hand was burnt black. Your flesh and body weren't entirely compatible with the power you had inherited from your owner, but the brutal intercourse had quickly adjusted it to the painful sensations. You shook with happiness, staring at your hands and bringing them back aflame. His resounding laugh was quiet and dark, and a shudder traveled up your frame.

He grasped your small hand in his own, and peeled his exoskeleton back. You watched in wonder as your fire burned together. You jolted as he burst into a thousand embers, and you felt his presence enter you. You collapsed to the floor, your scrawny body seated with your knees turned in, and moaned as your eyes rolled back. You remained there trembling, gaze turned up to the ceiling, his semen leaking out onto the floor between your thin thighs, and his fiery essence melding into your soul.

You licked your lips in fulfillment as your scorched insides throbbed.

You stumbled to your feet and emitted a quiet, shuddering laugh. The floor had been blackened in several areas, burnt from puddles of your owner's semen that had leaked out of your charred cunt, and the embers that he had released as he entered your body.

Limping to your closet, you took your long thin chain out and wrapped it to the pointer finger of your right hand. You let your inherited power burn through it, and blackness traveled down the long chain. You took out your hammer head dagger and did the same thing with your other hand, and it glowed hot with fire. You wrapped the end of the black chain around the handle, and splayed your hand out. The knife glowed even through the long chain, and you sliced the air with your newly crafted weapon, your pointy teeth baring in a self-satisfied smirk.

The chain dragged behind you as you walked, and you perched up on the back of the couch. You relaxed your aching frame against, and stared from, the window. Your rage was burning hot inside of you, reawakened and raring.

You wanted to release your wrath right then, but you were still adjusting to your injuries, so you pulled a cigarette out from the pack on the windowsill. You held it between your fingers, and your demonic power ignited the tip as you dragged the smoke down your black throat. You slid down onto the couch cushion, kneeling with your thin arms rested on the back of the couch. You wiggled the fingers of your unoccupied hand, noting how it stayed burnt black instead of burning into flame, and was only burning things at your will. Your body had found a way to adapt to your new power. It didn't fully spare you of pain, but you had some control of it. Further, the seraphic nature of your flesh kept itself intact, despite being blackened.

You sighed smoke out of the window, and felt Baafo hop up onto the couch. You looked toward her as her eery smile was cast up at you, and you gave her a toothful grin, carefully petting her. Stretching to reach it, you snubbed your cigarette out in the tray. You pulled Baafo into your arms and laid down on the couch, and she curled up on top of your torso. You soon fell into slumber, lulled by her calm breathing.