Dosed until placid and calm, and dressed in black floral lace, crotchless, full body stockings— the proprietor nearly had you readied. He played with your tiny cunt while he held you up, drugged too heavily to stand. While waiting for the drugs to wear off enough for you to be used properly, he took the time to play with you.

Before your owner took you in you clearly had been homeless as you were far, far underweight. Only a child as well, a picture of fragility. He found your frailty attractive, though. The sight of your form gave him an array of urges contrasting interestingly with one another. Urges to protect you with his body, so much larger than yours; urges to break you with his fists and, eventually, his cock. Urges to explore your body with his hands and hold one of those thin limbs in his fist simply because he could, even if it was a thigh.

Which was what he was doing currently, your thigh was enclosed in one firm fist as he held you, your back against his fur. Your head was lolled back against his chest and you becoming drenched in your own saliva as you drooled. Your cunt drooled as well, all over his lap with your arousal. He released your thigh once both were spread wide, allowing your body to lay sprawled out on your captor's lap.

You were in a room barely lit, somewhat small and rectangular. It was in the right side of the building that you were taken to. It had a large tea colored chair that your owner sat upon, looking almost like a throne, and several beige mats on the oaken floor. The walls were chestnut, and on the left wall were black shutters.

He opened the shutters, seeing a few other men of the underworld looking into his establishment, reading the signs. Your flat chest was held in his clawed hand as he touched your cunt with the other and you moaned quietly, blearily. A deep hum emitted from his throat as he unsheathed his monstrous cock, hard beneath your sopping wet cunt. He slid you back and forth on it, growling as you made soft, whimpering noises. The fur of his cock was quickly soaked in your fluids.

Your owner's cock was terrifyingly large, large enough that the pulsations of it reverberated through your pelvis. His hand came up to your mouth and his fingers slipped more pills inside, and you swallowed unthinkingly in your already drugged state.

The drugs caused your body to be far more aroused than naturally possible, producing unnatural amounts of vaginal fluid. He gave you more of those, while he waited for the mind-numbing drugs to wear down.